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If you think what’s taking place in Florida right now with the recounts is just about 2018 results, you’d be sadly mistaken. Yes, of course, the fight is about ensuring that Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott taking their rightful seats as governor and senator. But much more is at stake.

The most basic principles of our constitutional republic would mean nothing without free and fair elections, along with the rule of law, to support them. Yet what we’re seeing with the Democrats in Broward and Palm Beach Counties is the Clinton approach to the law: the law is more a series of suggestions that can they choose to follow, or not, as suits their convenience. And they do find laws so terribly inconvenient. In their minds, the idea of free and fair elections is a quaint idea that’s for suckers. Keep the votes flowing like manna from heaven until they win is the Democrats’ mantra.

All of this reminds me of a conversation I had once with a friend who, among other things, is an excellent golfer. He told me once while we were playing, “The beauty of golf is that it’s a game of rules. If you cease to play by the rules, golf ceases to be a game.” If one does not abide by the rules, well then it becomes something that appears to be golf, when in fact it has nothing to do with the real game.

Hacks vs. Rule of Law
On a much grander scale, our social compact is undergirded by rule of law and the integrity of our elections. If those rules are annihilated, if we cease to “play by them,” then the social compact is over and all bets are off for society.

Yet social compact be damned is the mainstream media’s approach to all of these irregularities in Florida. Like the loyal and compliant propagandists they are, instead of seeking truth, transparency and accountability—you know, like real reporters—the Democratic operatives masquerading as journalists immediately began running narrative interference for Democrats. When the initial red flags started popping up about what was happening in Palm Beach and Broward, the media started proclaiming that such charges were “conservative conspiracy theories without evidence.”

Nonsense. Evidence is strewn all about them, if only they cared to look. Florida election laws clearly state there are requirements about posting vote by mail and absentee ballot numbers within 30 minutes of the polls closing on election night, and 65 of the 67 of the Florida counties were able to abide by those laws, those and other laws cavalierly ignored in Broward and Palm Beach. Call me cynical, but when I hear commentary about how this is really about incompetence, how terribly convenient. As in this is conveniently corrupt incompetence.

The height of irony about the media’s narrative interference as they loudly proclaim that the integrity of the vote must be protected in Florida is that these very same people were screaming bloody murder about election integrity and our democracy being under attack from Russian meddling in 2016. To be clear, what the Russians did in 2016, with their anemic Facebook ad buys that might or might not have changed a single vote, pales in comparison to what Democrat Brenda Snipes is doing in Broward County. So dear media, I suggest you take your hypocrisy and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

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