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BRODIGAN @ Louder With Crowder:

We need to trust the data, fam. Trust the experts. Trust the experts’ data. Sure, many experts have gotten their data wrong (see SOME FLORIDA COVID TESTING IS OFF BY ONLY … 89% and THIS CHART SHOWS WHEN THE SECOND COVID OUTBREAK STARTED. SPOILER: IT’S BECAUSE OF THE PROTESTS AND RIOTS!). It doesn’t matter. Whatever data the experts gave you last, trust that data because it’s coming from experts being all experty and dataly.

Also, completely disregard this news report where a Florida man was killed in a motorcycle accident and the experts counted the death as a COVID death in the data they made public.

Sure, blowing one mistake up to be something more than it is is silly. Or, two mistakes up, since this is at least the second time this has happened in a week in Florida alone. Also, all the extra COVID deaths that people just find. Ignore all the problems in how the data is counted and collected. Also — and this is the big one — ignore all the ways the experts, our leaders, and many in the media have abused our trust so that we have good reason to question them when they give us data.

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