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Short blurb about some new features.

Added embeds to comments so if you put a link in the comment it will embed most links. From video’s to pictures.

Video Embed

Embed full videos anywhere. Let your users on your discussion area watch content from dozens of video providers. Video providers include: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Rutube, Vevo, Vesti, Metacafe, Liveleak, Funnyordie, Dotsub, Scribd, Citytv, Snotr, Wat, Novamov, Youku, Putlocker, Veoh, Zappinternet, Dalealplay, Zkouknito, Allocine, Break, Vzaar, 4shared, Movshare, Shiatv, etc…

Image Embed

A picture is worth a thousand words. Don’t just tell users what you are talking about; show them. Image providers include: Flickr, Instagram, GettyImages, Mobypicture, ymlyFrog, etc…

Audios, Social Networks and others

SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook,, Reddit, PollDaddy, etc…

Added a Telegram channel as well as a icon to it on the top sidebar.

There is a comment search widget on the sidebar.

The view all Bulletin Board link now works.

Check them out and let me know if any issues and/or any recommendations to add.


Added new comment functions. Now you can upload media (pics, video) to my server (click the paperclip icon on the lower right of the comment box).

The reply function is back:

User and Comment Mentioning allows to mention certain comments and users in comment text using #comment-id and @username tags. It comes with User Search bar, so you can find and tag any user/guest very easy. It also displays #ID of each comment to let you tag them. All mentioned users and comment authors will be notified via email. This addon replace @author and #comment-id to links with avatars. It opens a pop-up window with user and comment information when you hover on @author and #comment-id links.


  • Make sure the comment rich editor is enabled, and insert @ symbol then type user nicknames, it’ll do an automatic user search and suggest you user for mentioning.
  • Once comment is posted the mentioned user will be notified via email that he/she has been mentioned in other user comment.
  • On the comment list this addon displays @username tag as a link on comment, on mouse hove it opens pop-up window with mentioned user avatar, name and other information. Also, it goes to user page once you click on this link.
  • Adds  button on top right corner of each comment. It displays current comment ID to make it easy copy and put e.g. #17 in comment. This will be tracked as comment mentioning.
  • Once #17 posted in a comment, the author of #17 comment will be notified via email that his/her comment has been mentioned in other comment.
  • On the comment list #17 becomes a link and on mouse hover it opens pop-up window with comment author information and comment text. Also, it jumps to real comment on click.

You can put in Tenor GIFS & finally live notifications while you’re on the site.

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