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John Nolte @ Big Journalism:

If you had the biggest scoop of the night that would break open the biggest story of the night, would you bury it under this generic headline:

Division over platform at DNC

Well, Politico did. Because when you’re Politico, protecting Obama is infinitely more important than breaking a potentially explosive and legitimate news story.

Before we get to the meat, let’s set the scene:

Yesterday, on the floor of the DNC convention, a fiasco occurred when the attempt was made to reinsert language into the party platform about God and Jerusalem. The stripping of this language had already caused President Obama’s reelection team any number of headaches, but things got improbably worse when convention chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, called for what he probably assumed would be a rote floor vote only to have it blow up in his face.

Democrats are used to their supporters being mindless lemmings, so when at least half of the floor shouted “nay” to reinserting the 2008 language surrounding God and Israel, Villaraigosa (who needed a two-thirds “aye” to pass the resolution) looked legitimately stunned. Things quickly went downhill from there. Two more floor votes only increased the intensity of the “nays,” and Villaraigosa was forced to pretend he had the votes necessary to pass the amendment.

The defiant boos of those who just had their votes disenfranchised by their own party still echo in the hall.

What came next, predictably, was the Democrats’ spin.

Almost immediately after the debacle, we were assured by Team Obama and their worshippers in the media like NBC’s Chuck Todd, that after learning of the changes in the platform language (only after the platform was passed and the changes made news) that President Obama was upset to learn of the changes and immediately demanded the language be put back in. Both the Obama campaign and its Media Palace Guards spun this information in a way intentionally designed to make the president look decisive and like a leader.

This is exactly where things were when Politico learned…

None of it was true.

Whoa, hey, wait a minute! You mean, the Obama campaign lied to us and the media about this?

According to a Politico source, yes.

Now you have to imagine that you’re a real honest-to-goodness reporter in the middle of the biggest story of the convention and holding in your hot little hands the news that the furious spin spinning all around you is probably false.

What do you do?

Well, if you’re Politico and reelecting Barack Obama is more important to you than breaking news…

You bury it under a generic headline:

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