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by Sundance

Color me increasingly suspicious of the sudden ‘uptick’ in cyber hacking reports. The timeline tells a bigger story and my hunch is this is the creation of cover for a future U.S. government position that audit outcomes should be ignored because cyber security breaches are common.
In March of this year the media reported about the U.S. Department of Homeland Security getting ready to hire public companies, individual contractors outside government, to scour public data and social media in order to provide information for the new “domestic terror watch lists.” From the description it appeared DHS was going to pay “big tech” (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, etc.), via contracts, to hire and organize internal monitoring teams to assist the government by sending information on citizens they deem “dangerous”, ie “domestic extremists” {LINK}.
To facilitate that national security objective the Feds were going to need to work with outside government entities, FBI contractors, to permit access to monitoring systems. However, additionally interesting…. immediately after that DHS announcement suddenly there’s an uptick in cyber intrusions, pipelines hacked etc. Then the FBI says they recovered the ransom payment by knowing the private credentials to the hackers. That’s very fishy.
Now today:

(Daily Mail) Hackers have stolen 26 million user logins for tech giants including Amazon, Apple, Facebook as well as vital payment information in the latest online security breach.
The malware hack, exposed by cybersecurity provider NordLocker, also saw payment details nabbed from 3.25 million computers that run Windows software. It was uncovered after researchers discovered a 1.2 terabyte database filled with stolen personal information.
The other firms whose accounts were targeted include eBay, Instagram, Netflix, Paypal, Roblox, Steam, Twitch and Twitter. It saw victims computers’ infected by opening emails, or downloading bootleg software, and enabled the malware to take screenshots of their browsing activity – including private login details. (read more)

In the background of these data breaches CTH is noting that U.S. officials are now admitting U.S. election systems are connected to the internet: “according to a team of 10 independent cybersecurity experts who specialize in voting systems and elections. While the voting machines themselves are not designed to be online, the larger voting systems in many states end up there, putting the voting process at risk.  That team of election security experts say that last summer, they discovered some systems are, in fact, online.” [link]  

Obviously I’m professionally cynical of all DC interests and motives; nothing they do is altruistic and everything is based on their model of self-preservation of power.  As a consequence I cannot help but think this sudden uptick in hacking and data-network breaches; that just happens to begin right after DHS announces their partnership with outside agencies for on-line monitoring; may be connected to a larger objective around the election audits.
If the outcome of any election audit can be dismissed because the background noise is deafening with the sound of the hacking and cyber-intrusion narrative; and if any audit outcome can be marginalized or ridiculed because of the potential for data manipulation; then we are essentially seeing a re-run of the “bathtub principle”.

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