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Daniel Greenfield

Harvey Weinstein, a sopping bag of grease and evil, has done many terrible things in his life. Here’s one of those things that most people have forgotten about.

In 2011, Weinstein brought Miral, an anti-Israel flick for a special screening at the United Nations General Assembly Hall. (Because the UN just isn’t anti-Israel enough.)

Phyllis Chesler wrote up the disgusting spectacle at the time.

Scenes that depict Israeli life (e.g., classic footage from Israel’s declaration of independence and the celebrations that followed, etc.) are in black and white. All of the scenes depicting Palestinian life of any era are in lush and living color. Both Israeli soldiers and Israeli civilians are depicted as despicable, including an Israeli buffoon who drunkenly accosts Miral’s mother in a bar and an Israeli woman who calls her an “Arab whore.” All of the Palestinian characters are warm and physically beautiful.

The American Jewish Congress, hardly a right-wing group, condemned it. In response, Harvey Weinstein rolled out his usual sleazy bag of media smear tricks. The ones that his victims feared.

The right-hand page of the two-page spread is devoted to a reprint of an article titled “Why is the American Jewish Committee Afraid of ‘Miral’? ” from the Jewish Journal. The AJC protested last week’s showing of the film at the United Nations, and the implication is that the film’s opponents are mainly Jews lacking an open mind on the Palestinian issue.

Critics from a variety of ethnicities are far from taken with “Miral,” which is rating a 45 out of 100 at Metacritic — a perilously low score for a serious movie courting an adult audience.

The Jewish Journal article was by Danielle Berrin. Berrin is currently riding the anti-Harvey train, but back then she approvingly quoted his spin.

it should be remembered that there were collaborators in Harvey Weinstein’s abuses of women and Jews. And that his lefty positions on matters like Miral helped gain lefty collaborators for his abuse of women.

I remember Miral quite well because it came after the brutal Islamic murder of the Fogel family. It occasioned one of my angrier articles.

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