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Mary Katherine Ham:

To be fair, former Rep. Joe Baca’s a Democrat, so he knows the intricate and contradictory rules of the “War on Women” allow him to say this with little to no price to pay. He was also on the West Coast when the misogyny was perpetrated, which is another loophole for Democratic men looking to act like skeezeballs. And, finally, the woman in question had the temerity to beat him in an election in 2012, so who can blame him? Amirite?

Former Rep. Joe Baca (D-Calif.) won’t switch districts to run for Rep. Gloria Negrete McLeod’s (D-Calif.) seat.

“No, I’m running for the 31st Congressional seat,” Baca told The Hill when reached by phone shortly after Negrete McLeod’s announcement that she’ll leave Congress after one term. “That has no bearing on me making any kind of decision, I’ve already made my decision to run in the 31st which is my old district and a vacancy. There’s no incumbent in that seat, I’m a veteran with a proving track record and experience and seniority matters.”

Baca lost to Negrete McLeod in a nasty all-party race in 2012, and is now running for retiring Rep. Gary Miller’s (R-Calif.) seat…

“What’s the difference? They’ve conspired to work against me in one, they’d turn around and do the same in the other, right? Would you roll the dice and hope they wouldn’t?” he asked rhetorically.

“Look at what we wound up with: Some bimbo who decided not to run again.
 … Here we go again now with another New Yorker trying to tell us who’s going to be the representative of the 31st. It’s up to the people to decide.”

Baca, who is running in another California district but struggling to raise money, later apologized:

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