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To cleanse the palate, via the Free Beacon, this is the sort of brusque truth-telling that only an eleven-year-old can get away with, just as it took a kid to point out that the emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes in the Andersen fable. And the funniest part is, he really is rambling, even by his usual standards. Cutting him off is almost an act of mercy in giving him a reason to bail out of this answer. I thought Jake Tapper would be the first reporter to drop a polite “and your point is?” on The One during an interview, but what can I say? Fortune favors the bold, my friends.

Ideally this would have been accompanied by some hurry-it-along hand gestures or even a Dr. Evil-ish “shh!”, but we mustn’t ask too much of our nation’s youth.

Tune in this Saturday when his new show, “Osman,” debuts at 8 p.m. on Fox News.

Video here

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