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This is just too rich. Seriously.

From the insufferable Iran deal… to the appeasement “Russian Reset”… to the Libya fiasco… to the rise of ISIS… to installing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt… to the explosion of terrorism in Yemen… to civil war in Syria… to the crisis in Ukraine… to the 2010 State Department apology tour (WikiLeaks cables scandal)… to their inability to stop North Korean nuclear ambitions and the rise of China as an influential power… there were/are zero foreign policy successes in eight years of the Obama administration.

There was not a single Obama foreign policy initiative that had any success. Every single place where the prior administration put their attention, the results were complete failure, crisis, chaos and worse conditions in the aftermath. That’s the 2009-2017 reality.

Today it is discovered that fifty of the most well known Obama foreign policy officials  have come together to form a think-tank group called “National Security Now“. Their singular mission is to be the “resistance” to the Trump administration’s foreign policy. You have to see the names to recognize how bad these people were at policy:

♦Ben Rhodes ♦Susan Rice ♦Samantha Power ♦Denis McDonough ♦Tom Donilon ♦Tony Blinken ♦Jen Psaki and more. The list is a veritable ‘who’s-who’ of short-sighted foreign policy, ineptitude and diplomatic failure. There’s literally not a success between them, and they are uniting together to advocate against President Trump.

These Obama Officials are opposing the same President Trump who:

•put the plan in place to destroy ISIS and carried it out in the first year; •initiated massive change in the mid-east which saw Arab countries confronting extremism (including Qatari funding of the Muslim Brotherhood); •expanded international energy partnerships to remove the influence of Russia; •confronted China’s expansive economic agenda and halted it; •smartly used economic influence to bring North Korea to the point of accepting ‘denuclearization’; and •leveraged Pakistan to influence the Taliban to the negotiation table in Afghanistan…

…All of this in the first 14 months of his administration

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