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by Don Surber

Tucker Carlson coined — or at least popularized — the phrase Fetterman Nation. As a writer, I will take anything to get my point across. I swiped Trumpenfreude from Paul Krugman to describe that feeling you get when a Trump opponent has had his comeuppance.
Carlson said, “The Biden Administration used fighter jets to shoot down its own balloon and we really are becoming Fetterman Nation.”
Becoming? We are soaking in it. A goon in a hoodie and basketball shorts with no discernable skills or accomplishments defeated a well-groomed, respected cardiologist, television personality and businessman for the Senate.
It is like making Gary Coleman your first pick in basketball.
We have devolved into a big, dull, goofy, confused, barely functioning nation that given the choice between obvious and ridiculous choses the ridiculous every single time.
Consider homelessness. Despite spending trillions of dollars on welfare, urban development and mental health over the last quarter-century — driving the national debt to $31 trillion — we now have homeless taking over cities. reported on “Homelessness in America 2023: Statistics, Analysis, & Trends.”
It said, “In December of 2022, HUD calculated that 582,462 people were experiencing homelessness in the United States and its territories. That number represented an increase of nearly 2,000 individuals over the last complete accounting of 2020, yet remained steady at 0.18% of the nation’s population.”
If we can count to the last digit the number of people sleeping on the streets, we can get every one of them in a bed, even if it is in jail.
Instead, they sleep in pup tents in the street and do drugs unabated by law enforcement. Local and state governments even give junkies free needles and places to buy and use drugs. We call it humane, but this is the opposite.
Treating the homeless is a great racket that puts many an unemployable nephew of a politician on the government payroll.
Insider reported, “San Francisco has a ‘Poop Patrol’ to deal with its feces problem, and workers make more than $184,000 a year in salary and benefits.”
That is just one of the more glaring examples of exploitation. The number of social workers, advocates and programs rise but the problem grows.
The media sells the homeless situation as an economic problem. Insider said, “As San Francisco faces a shortage of affordable housing, it has struggled to accommodate its more than 7,400 homeless residents.”
But American Addiction Centers reported, “Most research shows that around 1/3 of people who are homeless have problems with alcohol and/or drugs, and around 2/3 of these people have lifetime histories of drug or alcohol use disorders.”
What do you expect from the media? The truth? The media claimed those who pointed out Fetterman was unfit to serve because of his stroke were ableist — a word made up by morons who confuse equal rights with equal ability.
Then there is transgendering. It is all the rage in schools these days as the LGBT Mafia champions yet another perversion.
Transgendering has led to a crime wave among women, as well as a shattering of records in women’s sports.

The media helps LGBT teachers and the like to groom kids by changing the language to accommodate this absurdity.
The Associated Press changed its stylebook in 2017 to abandon he and she — a simple gendering that has served English well for, oh, a thousand years. Now it says, “Don’t refer to preferred or chosen pronouns. Instead, the pronouns they use, whose pronouns are, who uses the pronouns, etc.
“Don’t make assumptions about a person’s gender identity based on their pronouns, or vice versa. Don’t assume a person’s pronouns based on their first name.”
Five years later, that was not ridiculous enough.
Newsweek complained, “With the rise of anti-transgender legislation across the country—in sports, schools, even prisons—it comes as no surprise that the same anti-transgender rhetoric exists within journalism, especially in regards to the proper use of pronouns.
“In 2017, The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook, a reference point for journalists on the proper use of grammar, updated its policies to add the use of they/them pronouns for non-binary individuals under limited circumstances. While some felt the decision was a monumental move, others felt the AP did not do enough, especially when encompassing the use of neopronouns such as ze/zir, which was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2018.”
Of course, transgendering is not what the butchers with MD’s are doing. There is no such thing as transgender surgery.
This is transexual surgery. Surgeons are not changing language but hacking body parts to allow a person to change appearances. ’tis the Kardashian generation.
The media encourages this — in America. When surgery on children’s genitalia happens elsewhere, our media is horrified.
AP reported from Egypt, “After their genitals were cut, some women search for healing.”
The story said, “A global target aims to eradicate the deeply entrenched practice by 2030, and protect the next generations of girls, though campaigners acknowledge the difficulties in achieving that. The United Nations has designated an International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM, observed every February 6.”
Muslim girls do not choose this.
But American children do not choose this butchery either. They are encouraged by unhealthy mothers or groomers at school to take drugs to suppress puberty and have surgery.

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