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1. There’s Too Much Air Conditioning In Offices Because of Men.

At the office, she bundles up in cardigans or an oversized sweatshirt from her file drawer. Then, she says, “I have a huge blanket at my desk that I’ve got myself wrapped in like a burrito.” Recently, “I was so cold, I was like ‘I’m just going to sit in my car in like 100-degree heat for like five minutes, and bake.'”Ms. Mahannah, 24, who wrote on Twitter that at work she felt like an icy White Walker from “Game of Thrones,” said a female co-worker at her digital marketing agency cloaked herself in sweaters, too. But the men? “They’re in, like, shorts.”

So, the New York Times saw a feminist bitching on Twitter, and immediately said: Write that story.

Right. It happens every summer: Offices turn on the air-conditioning, and women freeze into Popsicles.

Finally, scientists (two men, for the record) are urging an end to the Great Arctic Office Conspiracy. Their study, published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change, says that most office buildings set temperatures based on a decades-old formula that uses the metabolic rates of men. The study concludes that buildings should “reduce gender-discriminating bias in thermal comfort” because setting temperatures at slightly warmer levels can help combat global warming.

“In a lot of buildings, you see energy consumption is a lot higher because the standard is calibrated for men’s body heat production,” said Boris Kingma, a co-author of the study and a biophysicist at Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands. “If you have a more accurate view of the thermal demand of the people inside, then you can design the building so that you are wasting a lot less energy, and that means the carbon dioxide emission is less.”

The article notes that women often wear less clothing — and clothes that expose cleavage, which is skin right by the body’s core, contributing to their feelings of being cold. But overall, women’s metabolism makes them less warm.

But here’s the thing: If you’re cold, you can always put a sweater on. What can you do if you’re hot?

Nothing, except walk around with an ice-pack on your neck.

But whatever. I’m sure in a year we’ll have the offices nice and toasty, and men will be uncomfortable and sweaty in their mandated suits, but who cares, they’re men, they’re animals who walk on two legs.

2. Women Are Taking Out More Loans For College Than Men, and Working Lower-Paying Jobs, And This Is Society’s Fault.

I’d have more respect for feminists if they acted in concord with their beliefs about being independent — instead of always demanding that a Daddy Figure (either the actual daddy, or the government) make up their shortfalls in the rent.

Dear Ladies, stop pursuing degrees which “empower” you spiritually or “as women” but prepare you to be little other than the decorous wife of a high-earning male, and start actually pursuing the practical, wealth-enabling degrees the boys you want to marry pursue.

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