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by Ace

The DOJ representative, Assistant Deputy AG Olsen, just kept claiming to have no information about anything, despite having been repeatedly asked the same questions for the past year. He’s perjuring himself or making himself question-proof by keeping “clean” of useful information, which would be a kind of obstruction of Congress.
The FBI bureaucrat, on the other hand, all but admits that Ray Epps is an FBI agent (small a — agent as in “someone acting at the direction of the FBI”) and that there were other FBI agents present also encouraging the violence.

This is an admission.
This isn’t entirely new — Rep. Massie also got stonewalled by the Centrist and Moderate AG Merrick Garland about the same question.
But this feels more like an admission. The FBI’s chief of the National Security Division could not deny that Epps is an agent in their employ.

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