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By Jim Hoft

In October 2022, Konnech CEO Eugene Yu was arrested in Michigan in connection with “theft of personal data.”

The alleged stolen data belonged to poll workers and was the subject of TrueTheVote’s “PIT” in Arizona last August, where Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips singled out the Michigan based company.

During the PIT conference, Phillips and Engelbrecht alleged they were cooperating with the FBI in Michigan about data being sent overseas by this company.  The investigation quickly started to turn on them after the FBI started to distance itself from the investigation for some strange reason.

Journalist “incognito” Kanekoa covered this company and researched them better than anyone at the time.

Here is the link to the LA County website.

The theft of data only impacted the election workers, alleged Soros-funded Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon.  The LADA seized hard drives and other digital evidence from the Michigan software firm with the assistance of Meridian Township Police in MI.  The LADA was seeking Yu’s extradition to Los Angeles.

Following the CEO’s arrest Fairfax County in Virginia announced they stopped using Konnech’s PollChief election officer management software.

True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and investigator Gregg Phillips were hauled into court by lawyers representing Konnech who are suing Catherine and Gregg for defamation.

In what was a strange twist, the court case started just days after the CEO of Konnech was arrested on October 4th.

U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt demanded the conservative nonprofit group disclose their sources of the information central to the case, about sensitive poll worker data managed by Konnech Inc.

After Konnech sued True the Vote last month for defamation, Hoyt ordered True the Vote to turn over any Konnech data the organization still had and disclose the name of the individual who’d helped them obtain it.

Gregg and Catherine have refused to “burn” their source in the Konnech reporting and spent 10 days in prison for not turning over their source to Konnech and their corrupt attorneys.

The Soros-funded LA District Attorney dropped the charges against Konnech the day after the 2022 midterm election for some reason.

In April, Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht released all of their information on the China-linked Konnech Company at Open.Ink. The next day Konnech dropped ALL CHARGES against Gregg and Catherine!

Kanekoa has another explosive investigative piece on the Konnech company. The FBI shielded and protected Konnech from investigation despite its ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

This is a Twitter post with 32 tweets for subscribers.

#1🚨: Evidence shockingly suggests that the FBI is shielding two firms closely tied to the Chinese government, which have financed and developed an American election software company for the past 15 years, all while transferring confidential election data back to China.

2) Konnech has provided election administration and logistics software to numerous prominent counties in the United States, including:

•Alameda County, California
•Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
•Contra Costa County, California
•Denver County, Colorado
•Detroit County, Michigan
•Fairfax County, Virginia
•Hillsborough County, Florida
•Maron County, Indiana
•Los Angeles County, California
•San Francisco County, California
•Santa Clara County, California
•St. Louis County, Missouri
•Travis County, Texas
•Washington, D.C.

16) Jinhua Hongzheng Technology – linked to Konnech – provides election, logistics, and administration software, including web and mobile applications, to more than 430 National People’s Congresses across over 20 provinces.

The company has established partnerships with Huawei, Lenovo, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and the highest levels of China’s government.

18) In a September 1, 2022, live chat, Catherine Engelbrecht (@truethevote) and Gregg Phillips (@onwardsocial) discussed the FBI’s betrayal, Konnech programming software for China’s National People’s Congress, and the company’s storage of U.S. election data on Chinese servers.

In January 2021, Phillips said that the cyber analyst he had been working with encountered an “oddity in some of the URLs” such as,, and, which Konnech’s “PollChief” software application used to gather personally-identifying information about poll workers.

Using Binary Edge, a software product companies use to identify and assess the risk of cyber breaches, “We began to look at where these URLs resolve to.

We found that most of them resolve to one I.P. address and that I.P. address — the URL resolved in China,” Phillips said. “What we also learned in our review,, resolved into this same URL in China, meaning that the application itself was residing in China,” he continued.

“In Binary Edge, you can figure out what type of database they are using, their database port, and all the different services offered by ports in this particular application living in China. It turned out that not only did it live there, but they left the database open.”

This database “stored the personally identifying information of over a million Americans,” he emphasized. Engelbrecht and Phillips decided that “this was a major national security risk” and immediately took the information to the FBI.

When Engelbrecht and Phillips took this information to the FBI, the FBI “said the information was forwarded to their counter-intelligence operation, and a counter-intelligence op was opened up in January or February of 2021,” Phillips said.

Phillips described how he and Engelbrecht played an active role in the FBI’s operation, “They engaged us in the operation, they were communicating with us on a regular basis. They were communicating with Catherine regarding communications with the target and this went on for approximately 15 months.”

Phillips and Engelbrecht noted that the field office they worked with for those 15 months was “legitimate” and not “political law enforcement.”

“These were legitimate people who believed that this software posed a national security risk to the United States of America and they were working with us closely to try to stop this from being in place during the midterms,” Phillips said.

“The focus point was always we needed to remove this software from the election, but taking a step further, there were a lot of other concerns that the bureau had.”

In April 2022, Engelbrecht received a call from one of the FBI agents, who informed her that the FBI’s “Washington D.C. headquarters” was now involved in the investigation.

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