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We’ve all long suspected this.

Now it’s admited.

Here’s something else we suspected, but eventually will be admitted:

The entire stay-at-home panic was also designed exclusively to reduce infection rates among medical staff.

Not the general public — but among medical staff.

One can say that’s a laudable and necessary goal — you won’t get medical treatment if the medical workers are all sick, or calling out of work to avoid sickness.

But it’s yet another enormous lie in a long, long train of lies our “experts” have lied to us about.

He also acknowledged that masks were initially not recommended to the general public so that first responders wouldn’t feel the strain of a shortage of PPE.

They lied to one group that whom they disfavored so that they could take limited resources from that group and give those limited resources to a group they favored.

Hmmm, where have I heard this before…?

Oh right, Obamacare. You can keep your policy…

He explained that public health experts “were concerned the public health community, and many people were saying this, were concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including the N95 masks and the surgical masks, were in very short supply.”

So they lied — so that the public would not seek out masks that could reduce their chances of being infected.

They could have told the truth and just told people to use banadanas and scarves to cover their mouths, leaving masks for medical personnel.

But they do not trust — and in fact actively despise — the peons they lord over.

So they just did what they always do:

They lied.

Like Obama’s CDC head straight-up lied about whether ebola can be spread by sneezing and coughing.

It can be, but he just looked into the camera and claimed that it could not be transmitted by sneezing, couging, or spit.

He didn’t want the Deplorables to panic, so he lied to them.

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