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by Dr. William Makis MD

Littleton, CO – 17 year old Baseball player, Brady Hoos died from seizure on March 31, 2023

Dakota Ridge High School baseball player Brady Hoos died unexpectedly on March 31, 2023, after suffering a seizure (click here) (click here)

Pana, IL – 13 year old Samuel Hackler collapsed at track practice from seizure and died on March 31, 2023


He had suffered a seizure at track practice with Pana Junior High School’s track team and died at the Pana Community Hospital (click here)

Sacramento, CA – 22 year old Thomas Wentworth Berkey died from a seizure on March 5, 2023

Thomas suffered a seizure on Dec.19, 2022 which stopped his heart for 10-15 minutes. He never recovered & died on Mar.5, 2023. His family was pro COVID-19 vaccination.

Lafayette, LA – 24 year old Mackenzie Gallagher died from a seizure on Feb.26, 2023

Bismarck, ND – 37 year old Cody Allen Bruner died of a seizure on Feb.7, 2023

Cody Bruner was found face down in the snow from a seizure. He was in an induced coma and put on a ventilator. He died four days later.

Providence, RI – 25 year old nursing student Shirley Seri had a seizure on January 15, 2023 and was placed in a medically induced coma.

Image credit: Vance Murphy

She has been a nursing student at NEIT since 2019, and in 2021, NEIT required COVID-19 vaccinations for students for the Fall 2021 term (click here)

Grand Rapids, MI – 24 year old professional surfer Kalani David died after having a seizure while surfing in Costa Rica on Sep.17, 2022 (click here)

Concord, NC – 20 year old baseball player Caitlyn Victoria Gable died in her sleep on Aug.9, 2022

Image credit: Vance Murphy

Her death was called “Sudden unexpected death among epileptic persons” or “SUDEP”, even though she was “extremely healthy, strong physically and had epilepsy controlled with medication”.

She was also “up to date with all her shots”.

43 year old Dr.Bret Stetka, editor of Medscape, died unexpectedly of a seizure at home on Aug.6, 2022

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