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As this article was being written, some far-left organizations were sending out press releases for “hundreds of emergency” planned protests, in anticipation that President Trump would fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Usually, this type of thing rarely gets any of my attention.

This time, I looked, wondering if I had missed a Mueller firing during what’s no doubt a prime post-Christmas week news dump period.

Not at all. Look at the press release in full. The interesting part I spell out here:

  • If Mueller is fired before 2:00 Eastern time, on any given day, protests commence at 5:00 Eastern, the same day.
  • But if Mueller is fired AFTER 2:00 Eastern, the protests start at noon of the following day.

My first takeaway is one of admiration. Having hundreds of protests suggests enhanced strategic planning and a coordinated national effort, both ambitious and, with committed troops, quite achievable. This is where the Far Left has used its “community organizing” expertise, to make up for what it once lacked in raw numbers. (This is where conservatives and libertarians fail, time and time again.)

Then I asked: Who would be the likely protesters?

Who has the time and wherewithal to be “activated” on just a few hours’ notice, and show up for protests which could be extensive?

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