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Former Democrat Congressional page Chuck Todd thinks he understands, on an objective, nonpartisan level, the disagreement at play in this fake impeachment: You see, it’s because Republicans just don’t “accept the premise that facts are facts.”

“If we were all accepting the rules of the road as they are, we are living in a moment where we have a part of one of our major political parties that is just not accepting the premise, is just not accepting facts that are facts, is just prioritizing loyalty to a person, even more so loyalty to a party, let alone loyalty to a country,” Todd opined on NBC.

NBC News, largely comprised of perverts and rapists and rape enablers, swooned at the sight of a horrid drag queen at the fake impeachment hearings because Empowering.

Pissi Myles, as he likes to call himself (please Lord, we hope that doesn’t mean what we think it means), apparently fancies himself a journalist with a valid interest in covering impeachment politics. It’s a nice reminder of just how much of a circus the Dems’ attempt at removing Trump is, with freaks like Pissi Myles being the enthusiastic rent-a-clowns. reported on the attendance of “the award-winning drag performer,” composing a headline that would have made the founding fathers seriously contemplate abandoning their American experiment. Read it and weep: “Drag Queen Sashays into Trump Impeachment Hearing.”

Dan Bongino’s making all kinds of political GAINZZZ here: “Shut this [blank] down. Shut it down now. You want to play hardball? Let’s play hardball.”

Jim Jordon’s questions were particularly good:

Jordan got Taylor — the Democrat coup-plotters’ star witness! — to admit that there was no quid pro and no talk of “linkage:”

“We know that from your deposition in those 55 days that aid is delayed, you met with President Zelensky three times,” Jordan started. “The first one was July 26, the day after the famous call (now) between President Trump and President Zelensky. President Zelensky meets with you, Ambassador [to the U.N. Kurt] Volker, and Ambassador [to the E.U. Gordon] Sondland. And again according to your deposition, your testimony, there was no linkage of security assistance dollars to investigating Burisma or the Bidens.”

Taylor nodded throughout the congressman’s summary of his testimony.

Jordan continued: “The second meeting is August 27. President Zelensky meets with you, Ambassador [John] Bolton and others, and again there’s no linkage of dollars — security assistance dollars — to an investigation of the Bidens. Then of course the third meeting is September 5, President Zelensky meets with you and Senators [Ron] Johnson and [Chris] Murphy and once again there was no linkage of security assistance dollars to an investigation of Burisma and the Bidens.”

“Three meetings with the president of Ukraine and no linkage,” the congressman summarized. “That’s accurate?”

“Mr. Jordan, it’s certainly accurate on the first two. To my knowledge, Ukrainians were not aware of the hold on assistance until the 29th of August,” Taylor said. “The third meeting that you mentioned with the senators… there was discussion of the security assistance… but there was not discussion of linkage.”

An important point: Trump actually provided the “lethal aid” that Obama refused to provide.

And no one impeached Obama — even though Obama himself was pressuring Ukraine to do what Obama wanted them to do.

Which was to not prosecute Hunter Biden’s company.

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