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by Ace

Without the ability to place ads or fund-raise, a presidential run is a non-starter.
But of course the Corporate Services Group called “the GOP” is all in favor of an unaccountable leftwing monopoly deciding on who is allowed to run for president.
Isn’t it great that monopolistic transnational (parasitic) corporations have “Supreme Courts” that dictate to countries who they’re allowed to vote into office?
For Bitch McConnell and the rest of the Get-Along Gang: This is exactly the world they’ve always masturbated their tiny shriveled dicks about.

The upcoming decision from Facebook’s independent Oversight Board on whether to uphold or reverse Facebook’s indefinite suspension of former President Trump’s profiles has policymakers on edge.Why it matters: The decision will set a historic precedent for how the tech giant treats accounts of world leaders, and could be a litmus test for the board’s power.
…Trump was the only case in which Facebook has indefinitely suspended a sitting head of state, but the company has begun taking action on other world leaders’ accounts. It froze Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s page for 30 days in March for violating Facebook’s policies against spreading COVID-19 misinformation.
Details: “I’m less concerned about the fate of Donald Trump as much as I am about the precedent that this is setting for the removal and de-platforming of everyone else,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) told Axios.

Of course you are, cocksucker.


Conservatives Axios spoke to are still angry about the decision. “While I would be glad to see Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Supreme Court’ deliver a check on his conceit, I will not be celebrating,” says Rep. Jim Banks, chair of the Republican Study Committee, the largest conservative caucus in the House.”No corporate CEO or their ‘oversight board’ should be more powerful than the leaders you elect, he said.
…What to watch: A board decision to uphold Facebook’s ban of Trump’s accounts could spark wide outrage among conservatives who have long argued that tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter are biased against them.

Maxine Waters and LeBron James have received no penalty from FaceBook or any other social media monopoly.
Note that the broadcast media are required to accept political ads for the best available price, as a precondition for using that which they are not entitled to (the public airwaves).
There is absolutely no reason that Congress cannot pass laws requiring that monopolies act with similar fairness to all sides in political matters, to keep an immunity to lawsuit (section 230) that they are by no means entitled to.
But the corrupt Corporate Party will not even entertain such a notion, because they’re being paid to protect the monopolies’ monopolies.
While FaceBook’s Supreme Court decides who is allowed to run for public office, the media and leftwing advocates begin the next campaign:

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