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Edmund Contoski:

Last week President Obama announced a far-reaching plan to require reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, mandate increased vehicle mileage, and authorize more subsidies for solar and wind power. He plans to make an end run around Congress on these issues by using executive orders. He said science has put to rest the debate over global warming, and he derisively likened those who disagree on this to a Flat Earth Society.

But it is Obama and the other global warming alarmists who, like “flat earthers,” are in denial of reality. The doctrine of human-caused global warming, via carbon dioxide emissions, has already been thoroughly discredited by science. Denying the science or falsifying it cannot change the truth, but that is what has been done for political reasons.

Last month, in a disclosure that drew wide publicity and ominous warnings, it was announced that atmospheric carbon dioxide measurements had reached 400 parts per million and that this was the highest in 3 million years. But as we pointed out in a previousposting (which includes important graphs), there is abundant evidence that this is not true. Between the years 1812 and 1961, there were 90,000(!) measurements of atmospheric carbon dioxide published in 175 technical papers.

These show five-year averages of 440 ppm CO2 in 1820 and 1940. Professor Jaworowski says these measurements were ignored “not because they were wrong. Indeed, these measurements were made by top scientists, including two Nobel Prize winners, using techniques that are standard textbook procedures….The only reason for rejection was that these measurements did not fit the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming. I regard this as perhaps the greatest scientific scandal of our time.”

Zbigniew Jaworowski, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., was a mountaineer as well as a scientist, studied climate for 50 years and dug into glaciers on 17 research expeditions—11 organized by him—in the Arctic, Antarctic, Alps, Norway, Himalayas, Peruvian Andes, and other mountainous regions. He published many scientific papers, mostly on ice cores. Ice core measurements show carbon dioxide content of over 400 ppm in 1700 A.D. and 200 A.D. as well as 10,000 years ago. Yet the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) stated: “The atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide in 2005 exceeds by far the natural range over the last 650,000 years (180 to 300 ppm)[!] as determined from ice cores [emphasis added].”

Jaworowski stated that the IPCC AR4 Summary Report was “plagued with improper manipulation of data,” and that this corruption to try to justify the global warming hypothesis extends far beyond the IPCC. Here is an example:

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