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Thread via Margot Cleveland:

Doing some open source research on the FD-1023. Let’s see what could be corroborated re Burisma’s plan to purchase publicly traded company.

Now note this little tidbit and the dates as well as the $30 million amount. Difference–list on Canada exchange and not U.S.

More around same time period re Cub Energy, which is publicly traded in Canada and which as next Tweet will show has completely divested of Ukraine stuff recently.

Here’s Cub Energy divesting of CNG Holdings Netherlands, which it owned 50% of.


More on purchase. Note: Serinus Energy is traded on London exchange, not U.S. exchange. But date & dollar amounts line up with CHS. Also, of interest is Serinus operated in Romania. And Romania is another connection to Biden protection racket.

Here’s details of Romania connection.

The House Oversight Committee revealed Wednesday that more than $1 million flowed from a corrupt Romanian businessman to the Biden family while then-Vice President Joe Biden paid lip service to clean up corruption in the Eastern European nation.

“While Vice President Biden was lecturing Romania on anti-corruption policy, in reality, he was a walking billboard for his son and family to collect money,” committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) said at a morning press conference.

Comer, flanked by other committee members, vowed that the panel would get to the bottom of President Biden’s involvement in the Romanian income and ventures in nations such as China, Russia, and Ukraine with more subpoenas for bank and other records.

The second aspect of yesterday’s FD-1023 that deserve a key focus is Oleksandr Ostapenko. As I noted yesterday, in 2020, CHS said he worked in “some office for the administration of President Zelensky.”

That’s huge because CHS claims Ostapenko was present during both meetings at which bribery of Bidens was discussed. And note this significant point I missed yesterday. THAT’S RIGHT

Our CHS here was reporting on Ostapenko in SERIAL reports back in 2018.

So clearly Ostapenko was a concern to our government. And per CHS he was privy to Biden bribery and also Ostapenko’s tight with Burisma’s Klochevsky who had recordings of President Biden!!

Further Ostapenko reported worked for Vavilov, founder of BitFury cryptocurrency company and if Bidens paid in cryptocurrency he’d know that. So does Ostapenko still have a connection with Ukraine President Zelensky? Is U.S. open checkbook b/c they Biden under thumb?

This reporting indicates Ostapenko is a spokesman for ombudsman in Ukraine, (google translation of this: Of course, I have limited ability to research & surely our IC can tell whether Ostapenko is connected to Zelensky administration.

Surely, Congress cares about this question. Right? Right??? RIGHT!?!

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