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On Thursday, Rush Limbaugh asked, “What’s Biden’s Purpose?”

It’s a good question that I can answer in three little words.

But first, let us examine what Limbaugh said, “You know, I intellectually understand it, and — to a certain extent — I politically understand it. But Joe Biden as the Democrat nominee — and then I have a story in the Stack where Silicon Valley tech gazillionaires are all-in on Biden. Joe Biden hasn’t even mastered the rotary phone yet, much less learned how to use an iPhone and yet tech wizards are all in on this guy.”

That is Clue No. 1. The Silicon Valley tech gazillionaires are all-in on Biden.

I love the rotary phone line, by the way. Biden is Elmer B. Fudd-led.

Clue No. 2 is Limbaugh’s brilliant summation of the situation, “The purpose of Plugs Biden is to empower people who we really don’t know who will be running the country. He’s just gonna be a placeholder. He’s almost acknowledged as much.”

But here is where Limbaugh erred. He said, “So the Silicon Valley tech zillionaires believe that if they can pull Plugs over or push him over the finish line, that they will be in a position to literally be the powers behind the throne.

“And, folks, let me tell you, these are the kind of people — and they’re not alone. These are the kind of people that would love to have the levers of power in the United States with nobody knowing who they are. These people are not the kind of people who are obsessed with power because of fame it will bring them. These are the kind of people who want this power and hope to never be known, never identified as people who possess it.”

Limbaugh’s mistake is he failed to follow the money.

To be sure, the tech guys seem to have a lot of money, but that is an illusion. They are paper billionaires because they own shares of companies that exist on paper only.

Limbaugh cited Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve. She now is a junior leaguer engaged in politics, sort of a rich man’s Jane Fonda.

But who owns Apple?



Red China.

For all intents and purposes, Apple is just a Red Chinese company. Apple was a loser company until the 1990s when it started shipping manufacturing to Red China.

In exchange for cheap labor and an ability to ignore those environmental laws Steve Jobs embraced for America, all Apple had to do was hand over its trade secrets.

Here’s the handcuffs, Red China told Apple. And Apple put them on. And if Apple pisses Red China off, Chairman Xi simply cuts them off.

Apple was only one of many, many companies that handcuffed themselves to the slave labor of Red China. And our country in turn is handcuffed as well.

If you follow the money, you will see that America gave away $3 trillion in the last decade in trade deficits. President Donald John Trump correctly calls this a profit because Red China is one big giant company.

Biden’s purpose is simply three little words.

He’s Xi’s Guy.

Whatever Xi wants, Xi gets, no questions asked.

Chairman Xi bought him off by giving Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s stupid stepson $1.5 billion to invest. Joe Biden flew his son on Air Force Two to pick up the bribe. Likely the money bought clouds of cocaine and a battalion of strippers. I would hate to see all that crooked money wasted on something useful.

For all his faults, Plugs Biden stays bought.

And Chairman Xi does not care if Biden has dementia. In fact, that makes him more malleable.

Sure, Widow Jobs and the rest will have a good old time with the restoration of the Democrat Party in the White House. They will be on committees and write serious magazine pieces.

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