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Mike Morrell interview earlier this week:

Warnings like Friday’s advisory of potential attacks against the U.S. during the Fourth of July weekend are routine, says CBS News senior security contributor Michael Morell, but said “there’s nothing routine about this particular one to me.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re sitting here a week from today talking about an attack over the weekend in the United States. That’s how serious this is,” Morell said Monday on “CBS This Morning.”

The former CIA deputy director said the FBI and Department of Homeland Security’s recent bulletin resonated with him for two reasons. One note for concern, he said, is the large number of people who align themselves with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“There’s been about 50 people in the last 12 months who have been arrested in the United States for being radicalized by ISIS, wanting to go fight there or wanting to conduct an attack here,” Morell said.

He’s also worried about ISIS’ “call to arms” for attacks against the terror group’s enemies during Ramadan.

Since January 2015, there have been 24 ISIS-linked plots against Western targets — an increase from 19 in all of 2014.

Last week, the world saw three separate attacks in one day, in Kuwait, Tunisia and France. Morell said those violent acts represent the different ways ISIS poses a threat.


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