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So AFTER Marilyn Mosby got to make a big public speech on the charges against the six cops and AFTER she got to appear publicly on stage with Prince at last week’s concert where he sang a song about Freddie Gray, now everybody else needs to stop talking about the case?

Looks like it:

Mosby’s office “would not provide further details,” but could it be that she knows her case against the Baltimore 6 is a lot weaker than she’s let on and she doesn’t want the public to get wind of it?

For example, the New York Times reported yesterday that the issue of whether or not a prisoner is secured in one of these transport vans isn’t so clear cut:

The officers’ supporters say, however, that the seatbelt regulation was issued on April 3, nine days before Mr. Gray’s arrest, and buried within 15 pages of revisions to the department’s general order on handling people in custody.

Before those changes, officers followed a general order dating to at least 1997 that recommended securing detainees during transport but that left the decision to individual officers.

Whether the officers had read or been briefed by superiors on the changes is unknown. In the past, officers sometimes skipped putting a seatbelt on detainees in the vans out of fear for their own safety. “In the vans we have been provided with, it is difficult to seatbelt a prisoner without the officer being at risk of getting assaulted, spit on, bitten or kicked,” Sergeant Cherry said.

That could be the proverbial game changer.

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