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President Trump is a fighter and on Wednesday he hit back at the Dems who accused him of racism because he dared speak the truth about the rat-infested city of Baltimore.

For the past week the Democrats, their media and RINOs like Mitt Romney and Chris Wallace called Trump a racist because he pointed out that Baltimore is a failed Democrat cesspool with an escalating homicide rate and rat-infested homes.

Billions of taxpayer dollars were given to Cummings’ district in 2018 so where did the money go?

We can’t even ask these honest questions because the Democrats just screech about racism without having an honest conversation.

The people in Baltimore should not being living in 3rd world conditions, but that’s what they get with Democrats in charge.

And where was the race mob when Cummings said back in 1999 that Baltimore is “infested” with drugs?

The 1999 video of Cummings was making the rounds on Wednesday and Trump grabbed it and threw it back in the Dems faces.

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