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via Twitchy:

Wow, Democrats and people with wave emojis in their names REALLY don’t like illegal immigrants in Martha’s Vineyard. Truth be told, this editor attempted covering other things today but NU-UH, people aren’t having it. Our readers, who we simply adore, want to see the Left losing their minds over a minuscule number of illegal immigrants in THEIR backyard.
Apparently, it’s unchristian if we don’t make illegal immigrants stay in Texas or Florida.
Or something.
And woof, we have covered some crazy people today but none quite as crazy as this person Defiant L’s found.
Check this out:

So which is it, Jonathan? Do you want a free ticket to a Sanctuary City (like what DeSantis gifted illegal immigrants) OR should people who support illegal immigrants going to Martha’s Vineyard burn in Hell? What an emotional person … seriously. There’s probably a reason he has this editor blocked already.
Yeah, that will get you written about almost every time.

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