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By Ned Ryun

For months the Left has agitated for chaos in our elections, using 300 lawsuits to demand and get universal mail-in ballots and working to turn Election Day into Election Week. So here we are in a total cluster- – – – of a national election precisely because the Left wanted it.

So I say we embrace it.

They want Election Week? I say we give them weeks and weeks of election. They filed 300 lawsuits? We file 600, measure for measure and have litigation carnage. You want chaos? We’ll give you Florida 2000 on steroids.

Let me ask you: Do you really believe that the Democratic Party and the mainstream media that weaponized the police powers of the state against their enemies and spread the seditious Russiagate lie would not commit systemic voter fraud against a president and Republicans they think are fascists? I would put the odds of that happening somewhere between 99.99 percent and 100 percent.

Half the country feels the same way I do about the validity of the vote as we now see it. Any rational, honest person with common sense has to be scratching his head in many different places. You’re telling me the semi-senile basement dweller won roughly 3 million more votes than Obama did in 2008? That in a supposed “blue wave” election Republicans in the House are going to pick up 10-15 seats? That at the state legislative level Democrats picked up precisely zero legislative chambers while Republicans picked up the New Hampshire state senate and the Alaska state house?

And here’s the other thing: I would remind people of the mail-in election in Paterson, New Jersey this spring where about one out of five votes was deemed fraudulent, a full 20 percent. Now layer that over tens of millions of mail-in ballots on the national level. I’m not suggesting 20 percent fraud, but we have empirical evidence in 2020 that significant fraud is possible with mail-in ballots. So, no, I’m not going to suspend my disbelief and simply accept that the most highly contested election in decades was fraud-free. There’s a reason France—France!—outlawed mail in ballots in 1975: because the process is ripe for fraud and abuse.

Look at Milwaukee and the statistical improbabilities of the Democratic votes there. Some of the dynamics simply don’t make sense. Others have made this point, but according to Benford’s Law, a certain amount of human randomness should be evident on those ballots: that is missing from the Democratic vote in Milwaukee meaning somehow those votes were probably artificially generated. By individuals filling out dozens of ballots and then dumping at the same time? Algorithms? We don’t know but it looks suspicious as hell.

What the Trump campaign needs to do is actually look in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada and get statisticians on it. If enough anomalies appear to exceed vote margins in the state, that would be a basis for lawsuits and give the Trump campaign the ability to take a deeper dive into these major urban areas in battleground states to try and understand what happened.

The Trump campaign should also examine the allegations of dead voters apparently voting in the battleground states: look at instances in multiple precincts, show a pattern, and then extrapolate over an entire state. The numbers would add up, I can assure you.

Americans do not need to settle for anything less than a free, fair, and transparent process. In fact, Donald Trump should speak again, look at the camera and say, “I am doing this for you: I am demanding that we have transparent and trustworthy elections that you can trust and believe in. In fact if we can be assured that every legal vote is counted in a transparent matter, and I lose, I will be at peace with it and go back to making obscene amounts of money.”

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