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By Stu Cvrk

The country continues to balance on a knife’s edge as we await the outcome of the presidential election (and a few down-ballot races, too). What the Democrat-media complex would have us believe is that the absentee candidate Joe Biden received more votes for president than anyone in American history, including millions more than either Hussein Obama (twice) and Hillary Clinton. And Biden supposedly also turned American political history on its head by defeating an incumbent president while his Democrat Party lost seats in the US House of Representatives (not to mention other down-ballot disasters for Democrats in state and local elections).

The current Democrat-media narrative avoids any discussion of those anomalies, as well as that of “The Great Pause” for 3-4 hours on Election Day night when Biden supposedly made up deficits of hundreds of thousands votes in key swing states while most Americans went to bed believing that President Trump had been easily reelected. Their narrative is that “the election is over, Biden has been ‘declared’ the winner, and President Trump must concede and initiate an orderly transition to the inevitable Biden-Harris regime.”

Or, the alternate view is that the Democrats stole the election through massive and blatant voter fraud using every trick in the book: ballot harvesting, fraudulent/machine-printed and stamped mail-in ballots, tossing ballots marked for President Trump, automated vote-switching by Democrat-controlled ballot marking devices in wide use in swing states, etc. That view has been fortified by hundreds of personal affidavits detailing observed instances of voter fraud, statistical data analysis of “The Great Pause” that exposed the virtual impossibility of Biden’s late-night vote gains (for example, in Pennsylvania as reported here), much reporting about potential fraud through use of Dominion Voting systems in key states, and even complete denials of voter fraud by the Democrat-media complex despite significant circumstantial evidence that continues to be made public (possibly the most brazen and absurd claim they have made to date). And thus, the President’s team is contesting through targeted lawsuits the certification of votes in several states, and President Trump himself has flat-out refused to concede. Furthermore, he is for all practical purposes ignoring the legacy media and focusing on his presidential duties while the lawsuits work their way through the legal system.

Thus, it is down to an “either or” situation: either President Trump prevails in his lawsuits and multiple constitutional paths to reelection, or Joe Biden and the Democrats succeed in stealing the election. It is just that simple. But there are a lot of other “either or” issues that hang in the balance, too. Let’s look at some of them, which transcend the 2020 election results and will determine the future of our constitutional Republic.

Election integrity or rigged elections. To continue with the election theme, the phrase “73 million Trump voters” has been bandied about by conservative commentators simply because that is the number of “official votes” tabulated for the President. However, that number – just as the vote total in 2016 – does not account for Trump-marked ballots that were tossed by Democrat operatives in local precincts or votes automatically switched by programmed “glitches” in ballot-marking devices (estimated at millions). The real number of Trump votes is closer to 80 million, and those 80 million voters KNOW that this was an election rigged for Biden. If Biden succeeds in stealing this election, the blueprint will have been cemented for massive Democrat voter fraud in all subsequent elections, including congressional races in 2022. And an Iron Curtain of cynicism will descend on the American electorate in future elections, who will understand that the US has become the equivalent of Venezuela insofar as the integrity of elections is concerned.

The rule of law or the rule of men. Democrats have used lawfare for decades to achieve their political ends. In this election, Democrat-appointed judges and secretaries of state created state election law by allowing vote-counting after Election Day in key states. However, the US Constitution grants sole responsibility for state election laws to state legislatures. If Biden steals the election, the courts will be packed with Democrat political operatives, and any constitutional challenges similar to what the Trump team is doing now will be overridden in circuit courts and at the Democrat-packed US Supreme Court. And Democrat lawfare will continue on every other issue of great importance, too. Are you perhaps thinking about some constitutional challenges to virus lockdowns in several states? Fuhgeddaboudit if Biden/Harris is president!

Freedom or tyranny. Big Tech has already censored political speech of conservatives during the campaign. Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists – the Brown Shirts of the Democrat Party – regularly censor conservative speech on campus, as well as dox and intimidate known conservatives whenever it suits them. And the censorship by Democrats and other leftists has accelerated since Election Day. Twitter has taken to censoring President Trump’s tweets on the election by adding notations such as “this claim about election fraud is disputed” and “multiple sources called this election differently”. Meanwhile, Democrats like Hussein Obama and Hillary are free to comment as they wish despite the fact that THEIR claims about election fraud – i.e., that there was none – are disputed and demonstrably false! With the appointment of radical leftists throughout the Biden-Harris regime, the tyranny will increase, as leftists are already making public statements about “building lists” and attacking President Trump’s supporters in the coming months. Federal agencies will be weaponized against conservatives and other political enemies of Democrats just like they were during the Hussein Obama years. Precisely the kind of tyrannical government about which the Founders warned when they set up the checks and balances in the Constitution. Will the continued limited government of a Trump presidency continue, or will a Biden-Harris regime unleash an administrative state on steroids that will become the bane of all Americans?

Constitutional republic or oligarchy. Speaking of the Constitution, the Democrats have been undermining it for years through the use of leftwing judges to create rights not in the Constitution and also the use of the administrative Deep State to abrogate the responsibility of Congress for writing laws affecting all Americans. Now, they want to get rid of the Electoral College and create two new states (District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) that will add four Democrat senate seats and ensure Democrat control of the US Senate in perpetuity. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the underwriters and supporters of the Democrat Party – especially Big Tech, Wall Street, Hollywood, Academia, the corporate media, and Communist China – will morph from a ruling class to a new oligarchy from which America will never recover, as described here by Angelo Codevilla. Do you prefer our protected liberties under the US Constitution, or – as but one example – the ChiComs’ proposed global QR code system for “travel permissions” for international travel based on “health status,” as reported here, which would be enabled by Big Tech?

Nationalism or globalism. The Trump era was all about a restoration of American nationalism after decades of ceding American political and economic power to our enemies, particularly Communist China. That is the essence of President Trump’s “America First” policies, which have been bitterly fought by globalists in the US and abroad for the past four years. American globalists, including in Corporate America, Corporate Media, the State Dept, and leftwing nonprofit organizations, pushed globalist policies incessantly over several decades: “free trade,” multilateralism, open borders, unlimited H-1B visas at the expense of American workers, disarmament of the US military, ChiCom penetration of American cultural institutions, etc. So-called “China hands” – Henry Kissinger and his political descendants – have been salivating about “resetting” President Trump’s get-tough China policies. They have been auditioning for roles in the Biden-Harris regime in various op-eds in the Washington Post, The Atlantic, and the New York Times for months. The China hands are entirely comfortable with selling out America to the ChiComs in return for thirty pieces of silver. The ChiComs are already test-driving their new “national security law” on Hong Kong, which they would like to extend as the model for authoritarian control as they pursue world hegemony. Oh, by the way, the ChiComs don’t believe in the concept of “separation of powers,” which is a key tenet underlying the US Constitution; they believe that all political power flows from the executive – in ChiCom vernacular, that would be the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party. China is in the process of creating a nightmare for world governance through the UN and overseas application of their national security law. Beijing aims to ride roughshod over all laws, rules, regulations, and norms. This is exactly what the thoroughly corrupt Biden-Harris (both bought and paid for by the ChiComs) will facilitate if they succeed in stealing the election. Either Western-style democracy will continue in President Trump’s second term, or Biden-Harris will usher in ChiCom-style authoritarianism.

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