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by Ace

This is a quote from the “Future of Sex Education,” a group devoted to changing sex education and indoctrinating younger and younger children into the joys of homosexuality and transgenderism.
They euphemize this as “Comprehensive Sex Education,” or CSE.
Actually, the full quote is:

“early grades may be the best time to introduce topics related to sexual orientation, gender identity & expression, gender equality & social justice related to LGBTQ+ community before heteronormative & cisnormative values & assumptions become more deeply ingrained & less mutable

“Less mutable” means, of course, “less changeable.”
So they’re straight-up admitting their goal is evangelize kids into being gay or trans before those disgusting “heteronormative and cisnormative values” — all those icky Breeder propaganda points — become so “ingrained” in children that they are too difficult to change to the correct sexualities.
Just to let you know the group’s mission is to get to children as young as possible, when their sexuality is more “mutable,” the pyrsyn giving this talk says she would get to children before they’re born, if possible.
Sadly, they can’t.

Kelly S. @kellyskeThis Future of Sex Ed presentation speaker says, “We know sexual activity begins at birth, right? So, um, kind of impossible to teach before that.”
They want Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) taught to all grades in all states. #ExposeFoSE
As they can’t get to kids “at birth” or before, they’ll just have to settle for teaching kids to be gay “in all grades.”
More quotes:

Kelly S. @kellyskeFoSE Thread:
“…the most surprising piece was how much, um, evidence there is for sex education in elementary school. A lot of what goes on, um, in the elementary schools is done with not necessarily the label of sex education class so…that was…really, really gratifying.”
“The other piece that was surprising…in a good way, was how much in general we found sex education going on outside of the health education classroom, even in middle and high school…in literature classes, in math classes, in social studies classes, in P.E. classes and art”
…”the great piece about that is you know it enables there to be some flexibilty about where we can put in sex education lessons and it allows some of the strongest teachers who want to take on these topics to be able to do it who may not necessarily be health teachers per se.”

Per se.

The Future of Sex Education wants Comprehensive Sexuality Ed (CSE) taught to all grades, in all states, and across most subjects, through a Social Justice Pedagogy using the lenses of Intersectionality, Language, Equity, etc.

Jen Psaki refuses to say at what age kids should be instructed in sexual orientation and gender transitioning:

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