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by Don Surber

John Durham did something Saint Mueller never did. He actually brought to trial someone over Russiagate. The media has downplayed this actual criminal case while spending nearly two years promoting Mueller’s every move.
Many were the times the media assure us THE WALLS ARE MOVING IN ON TRUMP.
It never happened because President Donald John Trump was as innocent as a newborn lamb. Hillary and Obama on the other hand are guilty as sin. They lied and had the FBI lie to spy on Trump. The media ignore the evidence.
The media spent the last month on the civil trial which will determine who is crazier, Amber Heard or Johnny Depp. My guess is he is because he squandered a fortune on booze and drugs while she is just evil. Extraordinarily evil, but no more crazy than a fox.
Closing arguments in both trials were made on Friday and tomorrow the respective juries will really begin deliberations. The media made a big deal about Heard-Depp while begrudgingly mentioning Durham’s first prosecution coming to an end.
NBC said, “Jury deliberations began Friday in the case of Michael Sussmann, a former lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign who is charged with lying to the FBI in hopes of orchestrating an October Surprise against Donald Trump during the 2016 election.
“The two-week trial in Washington, D.C., is the first arising from special counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation.
“An acquittal would be likely to hasten questions about the Durham probe’s purpose and cost to taxpayers, while a guilty verdict could energize Trump supporters who have long looked to Durham to expose what they see as biased mistreatment of the former president. The special counsel’s probe began during the Trump administration.
“In closing arguments Friday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Algor told jurors Sussmann ‘used his privilege as a high-powered Washington lawyer, as a former DOJ prosecutor, and as a friend …to bypass normal channels and to expedite a meeting with the FBI’s [now former] general counsel’ James Baker.
“Sussmann, a cybersecurity lawyer, provided Baker with obscure internet data indicating a possible communications channel between computer servers associated with the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, Russia’s largest commercial financial institution. The FBI later determined Sussmann’s concerns were unfounded.”
Let us break that down paragraph by paragraph.
First paragraph: Hillary did not seek an October Surprise. The Billy Bush-Donald Trump pussy-grabbing tape was. The purpose of Russiagate was to give the FBI cover to spy on a political opponent on behalf of Obama.
Second paragraph: I have no complaint.
Third paragraph: NBC made an issue of the cost of Durham’s actual prosecution versus never questioning the cost of Mueller’s imaginary probe. NBC and the rest of the media ignored that this trial showed the FBI had determined that Russiagate was false before Mueller investigated but allowed Mueller to proceed.
Fourth paragraph: No mention was made that Sussman was working for Hillary at the time he met with Baker.
Fifth paragraph: Should have been Paragraph 2.
In its report, Fox was hilariously off center, and not in a conservative manner.
Fox said, “U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper sent jurors into deliberations Friday, but said he will not ‘take a verdict’ in the trial of Michael Sussmann until next week.
“Cooper, earlier this week, told the jury and attorneys from Special Counsel John Durham’s team and defense attorneys for Sussmann that he would need to leave U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia by around 2:00 p.m. Friday—the start of Memorial Day Weekend. ‘We’re not going to take any verdict today,’ Cooper said.
“Cooper had projected the trial would last two weeks.”

No mention was made in the first three paragraphs of what Sussman was on trial for. That was buried in Paragraph 7. Most people read only the first three paragraphs of a news story.
Compare the headlines:
CNN: “Jury to resume deliberations Tuesday in trial of former Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann.”
NBC: “Jury begins deliberations for Clinton campaign lawyer charged with lying to FBI.
“Prosecutors contend Michael Sussmann misled the FBI by not revealing he was working for Clinton’s 2016 campaign when he passed on suspicious information about Donald Trump.”
Fox: “Sussmann-Durham trial: Jury deliberating, judge says verdict to come next week.
“Sussmann is charged with one count of making a false statement to the FBI.”
One of these things is not like the other.

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