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The Mexican border remains undefended as an actual narco civil war breaks out.
Laredo, Texas is an American city. The population center spills over across the unguarded, open border with Mexico. The population center on the other side of the border is called Nuevo Laredo, or New Laredo.
So this narco war is very literally on the border, on America’s doorstep.
Oh, and we had to close our consulate there because it was strafed with gunfire, and we also issued a warning to all Americans to shelter in place.
Obviously, we need to get those MiGs to Ukraine!

Violence erupted after the Sunday arrest of Juan Gerardo Trevino, or “El Huevo,” the leader of the Cartel of the Northeast, a branch of the Zetas gang, Mexican authorities said. He also heads a group calling itself “Tropas del Infierno” or Troops from Hell.A US citizen, Trevino is facing an extradition order for drug trafficking and money laundering, authorities said. The gang leader also has state-level charges for murder, terrorism, extortion and criminal association against him.
Trevino is also on the US Border Patrol’s most wanted criminals list and his arrest dealt a “forceful blow” to the cartel’s power in the area, according to Mexico’s government.


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The United States consulate in Mexico’s Nuevo Laredo was temporarily closed after it was hit by gunfire following the arrest of a gang leader, authorities said on Monday. Trailers were set ablaze by suspected gang members, paralyzing traffic in the border city.The ministry of public security in the state of Tamaulipas said shots targeted the Consulate and Mexican military premises as gun battles hit several parts of the city.
Suspected gang members blocked roads with spike strips and set fire to trailer trucks affecting local traffic in Nuevo Laredo, a city that lies opposite Laredo, Texas.
The US Consulate urged its employees and US citizens to stay indoors or avoid the area. The temporary closure was announced by the Mexican government soon after.

Jack Posobiec @JackPosobiec A Cartel War right in Nuevo Laredo caused a US Consulate to close this week because of how intense the fighting was after the capture of cartel leader El Huevo
Did your favorite news outlet talk about this?

In fairness, did do a story about it on Tuesday.

Gunfire and burning vehicles in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo led U.S. officials to close the U.S. consulate there and briefly shut down close border crossings Monday.

The gunfire erupted late Sunday after the arrest of a leader of one faction of the Northeast Cartel, the successor group to the old Zetas Cartel, Mexico’s most bloodthirsty gang. Suspected cartel members opened fire and hijacked and burned vehicles, apparently in retaliation for the arrest.
They also covered the US indictment of Trevino yesterday.
Tucker Carlson talks about it at the end of this clip.

A lot more stuff about Ukraine, though. Seems pretty clear what the FoxNews “news” division considers to be important border violations, what it considers to be “minor incursion” border violations.
The country deserving of US protection.
“Heavy vehicles were on fire and used to block throughways since the capture of a leader of organized crime in that city.”

Here’s a longer clip of that video, with English subtitles for the videographer’s Spanish narration.
“This from the American side (Nuevo Laredo), twenty meters from the bridge.”
Listen to the automatic gunfire. This is what it sounds like in America.

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