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ABC conducted an extremely interesting interview with former Trump Attorney John Dowd that the media outlet will likely keep far away from their mainstream broadcast and print reporting.

The interview is exceptionally interesting because Dowd outlines how incredibly false all prior reporting has been surrounding the Mueller investigation and the background of the contacts and discussions between Trump’s legal team, Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein.

Additionally, within the interview itself, when you stand back and absorb the details of what he discusses, you can clearly see why there came a point when the Trump legal team needed to shift strategies and accept that Mueller and Rosenstein had allowed the politics of the ‘investigation’ to shape their direction. It’s quite a remarkable conversation.

The entire transcript is HERE.  I would strongly suggest listening to the podcast. I’m pulling some excerpts.

Dowd immediately says he doesn’t think the Mueller report will highlight anything regarding the President.  The basis for this belief is what CTH has already outlined here regarding William Barr {Go Deep}.

“There’s nothin’ here.” The idea that you would take that information and make it public, you know, violates the whole concept of the grand jury. What’s the grand jury for? To protect the innocent.

Dowd is then asked about his opinion of Robert Mueller, and the approach to the investigation, who Dowd knows very well and has worked with in the past:

PHILLIPS: Do you respect what Mueller is doing? I know you know Mueller well.

DOWD: Well, I respected it in the beginning. And I started out. And I– it’s my s– my style is I always trust the other side, until I didn’t. In my opinion, on March 5th [2018], we were done. He had everything. He said he had everything. He told me that no one had lied. He told me they had every document we asked for. He told me that it was nothing more. He told me that the president was not a target. That is, he did not have any exposure, that he was a witness subject, which is perfectly normal for someone’s conduct you’re looking at, but they don’t have exposure.

What people don’t understand about the president, and I think the same would be w– with you, is y– you have too much information in your life. When you go back and talk about f– Flynn or Comey, those events, while magnified in the media, are nothin’, not compared to the threat of the Soviet Union, the threat of the– China, dealing with Japan, dealing with Korea. I mean, the amount of information that he intakes every day, gets prepared for, is staggering. And in my questioning him or talking to him, he questioned w– you know, first question, easy. Second question, easy. Third question, he wasn’t sure. And he doesn’t like being unsure. So he’ll guess. There’s your trap, right there. It’s not whether he lies or not. Everybody wants to get into this, you know– this integrity business. It’s not a matter of integrity. It’s overload.

Dowd clearly states that by March 5th, 2018 (ten months after Mueller started in May 2017) Robert Mueller had all the central facts about President Trump that surrounded the accusations and claims.  And Mueller did not have anything to indicate President Trump had engaged in anything as claimed by the media; and told the Trump legal team exactly that.

VLASTO: But what do you think Mueller’s been doing’, then? That was March that you left, right, March of last year, 2018. What do you– why– what do you think has taken Mueller so long?

DOWD: I don’t know. All I can tell you is what I do know. And I know a lot. Because as people have found out, we communicate on this side of the fence. Matter of fact, we’ve got, probably, better intelligence than they do. You know– without questioning anybody’s good faith, ’cause there are some very good people over there– it– it’s been– it’s been a waste of time. And it’s been petty. And it’s been bureaucratic. And you don’t need to do that. When you’re dealing at this level, when you’re dealing at this level, you’re playing’ the World Series, okay? And you don’t– you don’t– you don’t get down with the petty stuff here.

In essence Dowd is saying that Mueller and Rosenstein decided the entire fiasco was so politically charged, so elevated by media and political drum-beating, they needed to shape the investigative paths based on political values and not simple reviews of lawfulness.

And with that inflection point; within the acceptance that this wasn’t going to be a legal matter based on evidence or lack thereof; the Trump legal approach needed to shift from legal concern/defense to political concern/defense.   That’s why there were changes within the Trump legal team.

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