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I see.

Yesterday, when you started laughing like someone with a mental problem at Rick Wilson’s Rebus-puzzle Dad Joke, I thought you were just borderline retarded.

But now that you’re claiming you were only laughing at the jokes because you couldn’t hear the jokes you were laughing at, I now think you’re all-the-way-home retarded.

Don Lemon is a black hole of ignorance and lies.

The guy who wondered if a free-roaming black hole was eating airplanes out of the sky is having a laugh about profound ignorance?

Note that Wajahat Ali, who was on that panel crackin’ jokes about the Working Class White Rubes (but don’t you dare point out the backwardness of Muslims — that’s racist!), has a different explanation: Yes, he was making fun of the despised non-urban whites, and he’s not sorry about it.

This clip from the Dave Rubin show, interviewing cultural commentator (and… living tribute to Tulsi Gabbard) Michael Malice, is very, very good.

If you don’t feel like watching it, he makes two major points:

1, What Don Lemon, Rick Wilson, and Wajahat Ali are doing is taking the speech patterns and stereotypes formerly used to mock poor, low-status blacks and applying them, untransformed, to attack the left’s designated racial scapegoat, poor, low-status whites.

2, Don Lemon and Rick Wilson are what he calls “mid-wits,” which is dangerously stupid sort of person that I’m always warning about, although I don’t call them “mid-wits.”

Mid-wits, he explains, are average intelligence people or just slightly above-average intelligence people who belong to a cult which valorizes — fetishizes, even — high intelligence. So they’re always desperate to prove that they’re high intelligence, which is a major problem, because they’re not even close.

That results in absurdities like Rick Wilson claiming that being able to locate Ukraine on a map is a useful virtue signal of his (falsely imputed) high intelligence, and the degenerate moron Don Lemon thinking that this is hi- (as in high intelligence) -larious.

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