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Caleb Howe:

If there were over 19,000 leaked emails from the RNC, including questionable interactions with the press, possible collusion, cover-ups, fake protesters, fake craigslist ads, temper tantrums from top officials, and a literal attempt to undermine a primary candidate over and over in favor of the chosen one, the coverage on the cable news networks would be wall to wall. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the news came by way of breaking into prime time on a broadcast network. But these are Democrats so it’s being soft-shoed.

And even so, the uncovered corruption is so much that fallout anyway. And not small stuff. Big stuff.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, for example, will no longer be speaking at the Democrat Convention this week. That’s a pretty big deal.

As a direct result of the leaks, which show among other things her bias and attempts to sabotage the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders, the DNC stripped chair Schultz of a speaking slot at the convention.

But getting kicked to the curb isn’t the funniest part. THIS is the funniest part:

Yeah. She taunted Ryan about the GOP convention. Now she’s not even part of her own. Webster’s dictionary defines “Bwa ha ha ha” as … that.

Next up, CFO Brad Marshall of the DNC was forced to apologize for an email. He conspired to “expose” Bernie Sanders as being an atheist jew, another attempt to sabotage Bernie’s campaign and drive his poll numbers down.

Heh. That’s just the beginning of the apologies. In fact, Debbie Wasserman Schultz may have more to offer herself, even, as her temper tantrums with the press seem to come up quite a bit in the leak. And surely some interns deserve an apology after thisembarrassment.

And there’s Tim Kaine, who did this at the announcement that he was Hillary’s VP pick.

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