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This is one portion of the Democrats’ convention proceedings that the cable news networks and major newspapers seem to be desperately trying to keep a lid on. It took place on Monday during the DNC LGBTQ caucus roundtable. One of their speakers began venting her frustration at much of society, and not just their political opponents. She even had harsh words for the mainstream Democrats. The topic on her mind was the failure of everyone else to be able to “imagine a world without the cops.” She also pictures a world without prisons, and ICE and basically any law enforcement. She also wants to know when we can expect real abolition. (?!) Here’s the video. You’ll want to turn on the sound for this one.

Here’s the transcript of the key portion of the commentary from Grabien.

PANELIST: “Why can’t — why can’t folks imagine a world without the cops? Why can’t folks imagine a world without prisons? Why can’t people expand their imaginations to include community care, to include an abolitionist future? I’m talking about, like, for real abolition, not just watered-down DNC version of abolition. We’re talking about abolishing the police, we’re talking about abolishing ICE, we’re talking about abolishing prisons.”

I enjoyed this response from one Twitter account after the Trump War Room tweeted out the video. It sort of says it all.

As I mentioned above, this has been getting essentially zero air time outside of conservative media outlets and social media. I did a search for this story on the websites of both CNN and MSNBC along with the New York Times and the WaPo. It doesn’t appear to show up anywhere, but I’ve also yet to see anyone claiming it’s a hoax.

So this young woman wants to rid us of not just police officers, but prisons. She would also do away with ICE (naturally). I’ll confess to being a bit confused when she claimed that America is still waiting for “abolition.” (And not just the “watered-down DNC version” of it.) Traditionally, when invoking this word, people are referring to the abolitionist movement which led to the end of slavery. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this to her, but slavery – in all its forms – has been illegal in the United States for ages. Anyone found enslaving or falsely imprisoning anyone else is sent to jail for a serious stretch of time. Of course, in the world she’s “imagining” there wouldn’t be any jails, so I’m not sure what we’d do about it then.

But it’s possible the speaker is addressing some new, woke definition of “abolition.” This apparently encompasses “abolishing” anything you disagree with, including all law enforcement or people who don’t share your beliefs and opinions. Of course, the basic ideology of Black Lives Matter and many of the other groups currently demonstrating in the streets and tearing down the cities once the sun sets really isn’t all that far off from the song Imagine by John Lennon. If you’ve ever stopped and considered that tune, it’s really one of the most socialist anthems in history. Lennon “imagined” a world without Heaven, religion, individual nations or private property. Sounds like a good fit for today’s Democratic Socialist movement. But let’s get back to this video.

Unfortunately for the clueless speaker (whose name I still haven’t been able to locate, sorry), we’re already getting a good look at what a world without the cops looks like. You need look no further than Portland, Oregon, the Seattle Chop Zone or the Miracle Mile in Chicago.

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