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I love this. This is wonderful.

This complaint is nothing new from Booker, who warned at the time he first struggled to qualify with the DNC’s slowly increasing thresholds that the party was sacrificing diversity for efficiency. These complaints started by implication in September, but after Harris’ by-then-expected departure in December, he began explicitly ringing the bell on “diversity.” Now that he’s had to drop out after missing two debates, Booker’s got even more reason to complain — and having one more billionaire on stage than a person of color tonight certainly doesn’t help matters in a party obsessed with identity politics. It’s even four men versus only two women, for that matter.

Anticipating this, DNC chair Tom Perez made an appearance on CNN’s New Day earlier this morning to defend his organization’s debate thresholds. John Berman pressed Perez to explain “what’s wrong with this picture?” Perez claims that the Democratic Party bent over backwards to ensure diversity, saying that they set a “frankly low bar” to ensure it.

More. More.

I want to see the entire Progressive Stack topple over as everyone tries to pull everyone down.

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