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Your tax money at work

Transgender Monkeys
Among some of the more extreme NIH experimentation “funded by Anthony Fauci’s institute at NIH” during the current pandemic, she noted, is the attempt to create transgender monkeys.
“The idea by the experimenter who’s at Scripps Research in Florida is to study HIV transmission among transgender women,” she said, “but instead of actually working with transgender women, which could be done humanely and non-invasively and would yield results that actually mean something, he has chosen to take male monkeys and give them hormones so that he can ‘feminize’ them and they become models for transgender women.”
“It’s crazy,” she added. “That’s the only word I think that does it justice.”
Calling it “absurd on so many levels,” she emphasized the ineffectiveness of such research.
“Beyond the obvious absurdity of trying to create a transgender monkey, monkeys don’t even contract HIV,” she said. “They don’t develop AIDS.”
The overwhelming evidence for such, she said, was recently presented to Dr. Fauci by the group.
“We had just gone to Dr. Fauci about a month ago with evidence that the 36 years of HIV experiments on monkeys that his institute has been funding have utterly failed to produce a vaccine for humans,” she said.
“They’ve produced lots of vaccines that work in monkeys who have a virus that’s kind of like HIV but isn’t,” she added. “But when they try them in humans, they’ve all failed.”

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