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Two days ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made some monumental changes in the COVID vaccine schedule in the proverbial dead of night that should concern everyone.

The FDA essentially revoked the authorization for all previously licensed COVID vaccines. It’s the end of the old “monovalent” doses. The FDA also cut the dosage for all the new “bivalent” vaccinations by 75%.

Here’s a short video of the FDA discussing these changes.

Remember: the COVID vaccines were used under EAU (Emergency Use Authorization) for the last three years. These were experimental products, and you couldn’t sue anyone for any adverse reactions you might have experienced after taking them.

The FDA has now drastically lowered the amount of each dose in the new “bivalent” vaccines — without admitting to any mistakes, of course.

Let’s not forget the recent findings of genetic contamination which I covered recently on Substack. That scandal is called: #Plasmidgate.

What about data regarding the new dosages — you ask?

There’s actually no data — and any data they do have, you won’t be seeing.

They don’t need data. They were never informed by data. They neglected data. They couldn’t care less about data.

Are blank inserts that come with the shots really informed consent? Of course not.

That’s why sane people continue to insist: it’s not a vaccine, it’s a genocide.

What’s the good news?

It looks like DARPA, the FDA, the CDC, Big Pharma and America’s corrupt medical establishment might have delegitimized the entire business of routine vaccination around the world.

Why’s that a good thing? With the advent of mRNA technology, we’re never going to know what they’re actually putting into any of the older vaccines now — let alone the COVID vaccines.

I’ve had several doctors and nurses warn me in private recently that they’re seeing too many allergic reactions and adverse events in children taking the regular vaccines (MMR and the like) and they’re wondering if the older vaccines have different formulations or ingredients now.

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