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Item One: George Papadopoulos claims that an “FBI attache” encouraged him to meet with academic Josef Misfud, which would later be claimed to be a “Russian contact.”

Saturday evening, Papadopoulos rocked Twitter with claims that “a woman in London, who was the FBI’s legal attache in the U.K.” encouraged him “to meet Joseph Mifsud in Rome in March 2016.” These new revelations raise fresh concerns that, with the approval of the FBI, foreign governments were meddling in the 2016 election.

He has since updated his claims:

So his series of claims are now:

An FBI attache suggested he contact Misfud.

Misfud, out of the blue, informs him that Russia may have Hillary emails. (Something everyone was speculating about at the time — hardly some kind of juicy RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE SECRET.)

He also says that Misfud himself has FBI, not Kremlin, ties.

Then Papadoplous mentions Misfud’s gossip about Hillary’s emails to an Australian diplomat named Alexander Downer, and Downer reports him to the FBI, and suddenly Papadopoulos is a spy being investigated by the FBI due the prompting of 1, and FBI attache telling him to take a meeting with Misfud, 2, the FBI asset Misfud dropping some random garbage gossip in his lap, and then him telling that to a 3, an Australian diplomat who’s also in close contact with the FBI.

Sheesh! The only thing that would make this look more like a frame-up with the FBI providing the garbage gossip it would later claim to be Trafficking in Russian Intel would be if, say, Josef Misfud actually knew the diplomat Downer.

Which… he just might.

Item Two: Stefan Halper, the FBI’s Helper, now identified as an FBI covert operative who worked with them on the Russia hoax, was part of setting up the dinner in Flynn’s honor and, presumably, seating him across the table from a Russian academic that would later be claimed to be some kind of Russian spy.

Video reports by Catherine Herridge below.

Here’s Chuck Ross’ report:

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