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by Ace

We know the increasingly liberal Rupert Murdoch was “concerned” by Tucker Carlson’s J6 reporting, and we strongly, strongly suspect that Murdoch ordered him to stop reporting on the J6 video.

But what would provoke Murdoch to either fire Carlson or impose such unbearable censorship on Carlson as to force him to quit?

Was it the leftwing investment group which now owns almost one sixth of Fox?

When an investor increases his holdings to more than 15% of a company, he has to disclose that, as he is now an investor with enough ownership stake in a company that he can start making demands and decisions.

On February 1, ultrapartisan Democrat-leaning woke investment group Blackrock, led by hyperpartisan leftwinger Larry Fink, announced it had increased its holdings to 15.1%.

Fintel reports that BlackRock has filed a 13G/A form with the SEC disclosing ownership of 45.74MM shares of Fox Corporation, Class A (FOXA). This represents 15.1% of the company.

In their previous filing dated January 27, 2022 they reported 39.87MM shares and 12.40% of the company, an increase in shares of 14.75% and an increase in total ownership of 2.70% (calculated as current – previous percent ownership).

Of course, we’ve seen the hyper-rich interfere in the 2020 election. Mark Zuckerberg spent more than $350 million in Zuckerbucks to “fortify the election” in Democrat districts, turning out voters and also paying to ballot harvest and “cure” defective votes.

But just in Democrat districts, you understand. He wasn’t interested in increasing voting overall.

And no one can possibly not understand that a thusfar-secret leftwing billionaire made Drudge a huge cash offer to purchase his site, but pretend that he was still involved in it.

The ultra-rich of the left decided to take Drudge out for the 2020 election.

Does the firing of Tucker Carlson not suggest that they’re taking out the right’s biggest, brightest communicator out for the 2024 election? And, in fact, deliberately destroying the biggest news network that even leans, if slightly, right?

David Sacks @DavidSacksFox News has fallen.

Because this will destroy Fox. I’m not sure the play was even made to take out Tucker Carlson, who will be actually become even more powerful now that Darth Vader has struck him down. No, I think the play was to force Fox into a Final Sellout which would effectively finish off the network, which is already half-despised by the right.

From a friend:

I don’t know about your feelings, but from where I stand, the hyper-rich should really start worrying about Republicans possibly no longer permitting them to be hyper-rich at all. You want hard socialism? You got it, Slick — and we’ll start with you.

Glenn Beck has already made an offer to Tucker Carlson.

We’ve been preparing an offer for him for a few days just to be ready in case. It’s looked dicey for a while. We hope to present him an offer at The Blaze. He wouldn’t miss a step. He’d just take it and go. I mean, I think Tucker will do very very well for himself.

But Megyn Kelly is advising him to just take the route she took and create his own communications empire.

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