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The spin being put on the Biden classified documents story is this. It’s no big deal. There are no real national security implications and whatever happened was inadvertent. Joe or his minions accidentally misplaced a few pieces of paper. In the scheme of things, it all means nothing.
None of this is true. This is a very big deal with potentially huge national security implications, and we ignore it at our peril.
Much has been made of the fact that the Chinese have modernized their nuclear weapons program, dramatically expanded the number of nuclear weapons they have, and stolen a march on us in the development of hypersonic missiles. They did not do all this, because they are just really smart and work very hard.
In large measure, they did this, because they stole everything that wasn’t nailed down from our top labs over the course of decades. This is not a matter of a handful of secrets being compromised. The balance of power on the planet has shifted because industrial-scale Chinese espionage was allowed to occur.
The Chinese don’t just steal defense secrets. They also compromise our top government officials and politicians. They don’t do this every once in a great while. It’s not just particularly vain would-be superstars like Eric Swalwell they poach. They have cut a swath through our “elite,” and they now control a great many of the most powerful people in this country.
There cannot possibly be a more existential threat.
For years now we have watched as a mountain of evidence has been assembled suggesting very strongly that Joe Biden was compromised long ago by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The range of contacts between Hunter, acting clearly as Joe’s emissary, and top CCP leaders and Chinese intelligence personnel has been massive. Huge sums of money have flowed from China to the Bidens.

And, now, Joe Biden, the “big guy” at the heart of all of this is found to have carried classified documents out of controlled spaces and stashed them in at least two locations. One of those locations was his office at the Penn Biden Center. That institution was created around Joe Biden after he left office as Vice-President. It is awash in Chinese money, much of it anonymous. That institution pushes pro-Beijing propaganda and criticizes American policy toward Beijing.
So, when Joe left office, he went to work for an outfit that uses CCP money to attempt to influence American foreign policy, and he took with him to this new job unknown quantities of highly classified, TOP SECRET, documents that are never allowed outside of controlled spaces. Some of the documents in question were reportedly marked SCI, which stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information. That means those documents pertain to clandestine human sources, spy satellites, or electronic eavesdropping.
The compromise of SCI intelligence means assets die and our enemies learn how to hide intelligence from us. We go blind. Our national security and American lives are at risk.
SCI intelligence passed to the Chinese would get our spies inside China killed. It would help the Chinese hide missile tests from our satellites. It would tell the Chinese what we know about their plans for a blockade of Taiwan.
This is not incidental. This is not minor. This is fundamental.
Joe also appears to have taken highly classified intelligence to his home in Delaware. In fact, yet more documents were just discovered at this location by the special counsel now investigating this case. Joe spends huge amounts of time at this residence even as President. No visitor logs are kept of who comes and goes from this location – although perhaps the Secret Service might have some record of who has visited and met with Biden. Biden’s Delaware home appears to be someplace he goes when he wants to escape from the scrutiny surrounding the White House where visitor logs are generally considered public information.

Keep in mind that this story broke when it was revealed that Joe’s lawyers found classified documents in his office at the Penn Biden Center. Much has been made of the obviously political decision to suppress the story until after the November election. Less focus has been put on the use of lawyers to find these documents and bring them to light.

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