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by Ian Miller

It should come as no surprise that Dr. Anthony Fauci is profoundly proud of himself.
He manages to steadfastly refuse to admit his mistakes despite mountains of evidence that we’ve come to learn. Namely, but not limited to data accumulating in stark contradiction his assertions that masks work or that COVID vaccines prevent infection.
Fauci’s become almost a caricature of an egomaniacal, hypocritical, authoritative politician. Far from ever admitting guilt, he deflects onto others countless accusations of blunders, miscalculations, and inaccuracies that he himself is guilty of expressing.
Instead of acknowledging that science is a concept, based on process and results, he hilariously claimed that he, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is the physical manifestation of “The Science.” He’s treated the concept of “truth” in much the same way, seemingly confident in the belief that he stands as a beacon of truth that others seek to emulate.
He laughingly arrives at this lofty delusion despite a nearly unblemished track record of failure and dramatic reversals.

This might be a good time to mention that those new boosters that he’s now promoting…? Evidently they don’t work nearly as well as he had led the public to believe.
A recent New York Times profile though, has uncovered that the highest paid employee in the federal government is somehow even more egomaniacal than we previously believed.
His self-obsession is embarrassingly obvious from the first paragraph.
“The walls in Dr. Anthony S. Fauci’s home office are adorned with portraits of him, drawn and painted by some of his many fans.”
Doesn’t everyone have a home office “adorned” with self portraits? He certainly does.

Fauci’s Unlimited Ego

The story attempts to justify this ridiculous behavior, claiming that derogatory statements about his many self portraits are “far right” attacks.
“He said that previously, when they were captured on camera, the ‘far right’ attacked him as an ‘egomaniac.’ If someone goes to the trouble of sending him a portrait of himself, he said, he would ‘feel like I’m disrespecting them’ if he discarded it.”
Obviously, the only two choices when receiving self portraits are to hang them up in your office, or discard them.
That excuse is almost as flimsy as his ridiculous claim that he lied about mask efficacy to protect supply for healthcare workers. Except, of course, healthcare facilities don’t buy masks on Amazon, nor would employees use cloth face coverings from Etsy.
But Fauci’s long track record of misrepresentations and media-approved excuses on COVID prepared him perfectly to come to his own defense and sustain his ego.
When asked about his post-government plans, Tony Fauci revealed that he plans to continue to speak even more on his favorite topic: Tony Fauci.
“What I would like to do is make it a real memoir, which is a life story of which Covid is a part. Because if you look at what Tony Fauci was and is, Tony Fauci is not defined by Covid,” Tony Fauci said.
In case you didn’t catch that, Tony Fauci’s post-COVID plans are to have Tony Fauci write a book about Tony Fauci.
Makes perfect sense.

More Blatant Lies

It wouldn’t be a Tony Fauci interview without more blatant misrepresentations and misinformation from the nation’s leading expert.
The Times asked what his biggest concern currently is, outside of infectious disease threats. As expected, his answer was on the usual order of ignorant and misinformed.
“What really, really concerns me is the politicization of public health principles. How you can have red states undervaccinated and blue states well vaccinated and having deaths much more prevalent among people in red states because they’re undervaccinated — that’s tragic for the population.”
Vaccination rates among the elderly, the age group at highest risk, are nearly identical regardless of political orientation.
According to the CDC, virtually every state in the country has reached 95% of seniors receiving at least one vaccination dose.
Yet death rates have varied in the post-vaccination era regardless. This is almost certainly due to underlying health being unevenly distributed across regions. For example, California is younger and generally healthier than states such as Mississippi or Arkansas.
Similarly, blue states like Massachusetts, Vermont and Hawaii are also generally healthier than many red states across the South.
But Utah, which is one of the youngest, healthiest states, has also been one of the strongest performing states by COVID mortality, despite being a “red” state.
With a significantly lower rate of uptake than liberal Northeastern states, with just 66% of its population fully vaccinated, Utah has the third lowest COVID death rate.
They’ve outperformed more heavily vaccinated states such as Maine and New Hampshire, even in the post-vaccination era. A comparison between Utah, Vermont, Maine and New Mexico shows how little population level vaccination rates have mattered in these locations, despite vast differences in uptake.

New Mexico dramatically underperformed compared to Utah, despite being neighbors, while Maine recorded significantly higher peaks.
It’s disingenuous to claim that differences in political leanings is the only explanation for COVID death rates. Yet that’s essentially exactly what Fauci did.
Not to mention that the state currently leading the country in cumulative COVID mortality rate is Arizona.
Arizona voted for Biden in 2020, just chose a Democratic governor and voted for two Democratic senators in recent elections. Not exactly an exclusively “red state” problem, is it?
Of course, “red states” like Japan are also currently seeing death rates surge, despite exceptionally high vaccination rates.

Lying about and unnecessarily politicizing pandemic issues is a major part of the Fauci arsenal, however.
Just recently, he was finally asked some difficult questions and he used these same tactics to deflect criticism.
Beyond giving misleading answers, he claimed repeatedly that he was unable to recall just about anything regarding his early-pandemic advice, which is remarkable given his countless media interviews repeating the same messages ad nauseum.
Somehow, when placed under a microscope by hostile adversaries, his memory dried up.
It’s as unsurprising as it is predictable.

Disqualifying Answers

It is remarkable how the good doctor ignores that the “politicization” of public health is in large part due to himself. He and his profession must be forever reminded that they criticized lockdown protestors while completely ignoring the massive Black Lives Matter demonstrations.
They forced masks on kids, despite the lack of evidence. They defended Democratic politicians for seemingly endless closures, while criticizing Ron DeSantis and others for reopening.

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