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Major benefactors to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – Morteza ‘Mori’ Hosseini and his wife Forough – have donated tens of thousands of dollars to a political action committee (PAC) funding the Democratic Party leaders, including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the lead impeachment manager against former President Donald J. Trump, Jamie Raskin.

Hosseini’s donations to the Iranian American Political Action Committee – Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA) span from 2004 to 2011, under his name, as well as aliases “Morteza Hosseini Kargar”, and “Morteza Hosseini-Kargar“. During the same period, the PAAIA PAC funded various Democrat groups, including Friends of Hillary (Clinton) and Friends of (Anthony) Weiner.

To the extent the group has given money to Republicans, the sums appear far smaller, and the donations have ended up in the pockets of groups supporting former Republican leader Paul Ryan, neoconservative Dan Crenshaw, and Never Trumper Ben Sasse.

Far and away, the group – which brags of its work with globalist, D.C. think tanks – donates mostly to Democrats including massive sums of cash to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

PAAIA itself appears to have been openly critical of Trump’s travel ban, as well as slamming the 45th President for ending the Iran deal (the JCPOA) which enriched Iran’s Islamist regime under the false pretense of slowing nuclear weapons development in the nation.

And Hosseini’s association with the PAC did not end in 2011, when his name disappeared from the donations list. Instead, his wife Forough, recently appointed by DeSantis to the Florida Children and Youth Cabinet in 2019, currently serves as the Board Chair of PAAIA, and remains a contemporaneous donor.

Hosseini often lets Governor DeSantis and his wife use his private jet, and was brought to the attention of The National Pulse by DeSantis staffer Christina Pushaw and Jeremy Redfern, after the pair publicly panicked about a report into a $92 million COVID cash dump from DeSantis that aids Hosseini’s property developments.

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