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by Ace

The media whined yesterday that he signed the bill on the first day of Pride Month.
As if there’s some “moratorium” on passing social legislation during Pride Month.
As a recently gender-confirmed Super-Straight man, I say: Pride Month is my month too.

Florida’s Republican governor signed a bill Tuesday barring transgender females from playing on public school teams intended for student athletes born as girls, plunging the state into the national culture war over transgender rights.

See, he plunged the state into the culture war. It’s not that woke schools and lunatic transgender activists have plunged the country into this culture war for five years.
No, it’s DeSantis doing the plunging.
OUT: Republicans pounce
IN: Republicans plunge

“In Florida, girls are going to play girls sports and boys are going to play boys sports,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said as he signed the bill into law at a Christian academy in Jacksonville. “We’re going to make sure that that’s the reality.”The new law, sure to be challenged as unconstitutional, inflames an already contentious discussion unfolding nationally as Republican-controlled states move to limit the rights of LGBTQ people.

And… protect the rights of girls.
You forgot to mention that, eh?

It also could impose severe financial consequences on Florida.

Ah, there we go, the real power in this country: The Corporate Shadow Government.

The NCAA, which oversees college athletics, has threatened to relocate key games from states that discriminate against certain athletes. When the Florida Legislature was considering the measure in April, the NCAA said it would commit championship games to “locations where hosts can commit to providing an environment that is safe, healthy and free of discrimination.”

The whole point of girls sports is to give them a special all-girls league because they cannot compete physically with boys.
If we’re now letting biological boys into girls sports, what is the point of girls sports at all? Just make one all-sex league and let girls try to make the team.
Spoiler alert: They won’t. Apart from a very few extraordinary girls, all sports, including gymnastics and figure skating, will be dominated completely by boys.
But, but, but: Republicans plunge.
Here’s one “journalist,” complaining about DeSantis online:


@jayobtv – Jun 1 One key point about this soon-to-be law that @CarlosGSmith pointed out: it’s *retroactive.*Meaning, trans girls and women currently on sports teams will have to be kicked off this upcoming school year

That’s not really “retroactive” — they’re still biological boys.
You mean there’s no grandfather clause permitting biological boys to remain in girls sports.
But I understand your complete incompetence with basic words: You’re just a professional writer, after all.

Jay O’Brien @jayobtvThe NCAA threatened to cancel events in states that passed laws like this. The organization said it had an eye on Florida.
DeSantis name-checked the NCAA in his remarks today.
Jay O’Brien
Worth noting: Today is the first day of Pride Month.

Well, f*** the NCAA, f*** your “Pride” month, and f*** you.
Below, the Florida governor and future president tells Tucker Carlson that when he was warned the NCAA and other corporations would economically blackmail Florida if they passed this bill, DeathSantis then said, “Oh, we have to do this now.”

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