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by Sundance

The question of Ron DeSantis entering the race for the 2024 GOP nomination is an issue of ‘when’ not ‘if’.  Anyone who is still holding the opinion that nothing is certain until everything is certain are simply being obtuse in the extreme.
Before getting to the current status of the Florida governor appearing in Iowa, the context for the appearance needs some background.
With former Cruz Crew leader Ken Cuccinelli coordinating the latest Political Action Committee (PAC) “Never Back Down”, the motives clarify when you consider the need to transfer the excess DeSantis 2022 campaign money into a federal race.  The best mechanism to accomplish the transfer legally is through a PAC that is prepositioned to defer initial campaign expenses and launch the effort.
The campaign doesn’t need to coordinate closely with the PAC, because the larger goals are unified. This is where Cuccinelli’s disposition as a political grifter makes him the perfectly corrupt insider vessel to use the opportunity.  Transferring approximately $100 million from the governor state account into the PAC is a lucrative incentive for a character like Cuccinelli.
The second PAC, a SuperPAC called “Ready for Ron,” has been positioned as a data mining operation, registering names, phone numbers, etc. in a preposition status for the 2024 launch.   A nonprofit called “And to the Republic,” run by Republican operative Tori Sachs, has been picking up the expenses for DeSantis’ cross country tour under the auspices of a Rupert Murdoch funded book launch (Harper Collins).  All of this activity is being managed by the same team that launched after the 5 days in the bunker in early August 2022.
At this point, anyone claiming the 2024 Ron DeSantis campaign has not been a long time carefully planned operation, really needs to be laughed out of the conversation.
The footprints of the groundwork for this campaign are visible going back to the late fall of 2021. Yes, this means the 2022 reelection campaign was a complete fraud, and Ron DeSantis never intended to fulfill a four year term as Florida governor.
The fraud behind him, not necessarily DeSantis himself, has been my biggest issue with his political leadership since the summer of last year.
By my back of the envelope math, Desantis Inc. has secure financing of around $500 million currently.  Based on the known assembly of constructs that have been positioned in the past four to six months, I would say there’s easily another $500 million that will be directly inbound to the campaign within the first week of the official launch itself – likely to happen in May.
This is the time frame, immediately after the legislative session, when Florida will be abandoned by the DeSantis management team and Ron DeSantis himself.
$500 million in current secured financing, and $500 million in immediate launch financing, explains the intoxicating allure of the grift currently being used to entice the “influencer” crowd.  Lots of conservatives will make money from this DeSantis national launch.
Use this scale of financial context to explain how The Daily Wire business model can afford to offer podcasters $50 to $100 million for four year contracts.   A thousand million on the table buys a lot of influencers – who feed like a frenzied swarm as fed by the Cuccinelli types.
Last year, based on the visible assembly, I saw DeSantis entry into the 2024 contest as the last entrant.  Meaning all other enlisted GOPe foot soldiers would precede a DeSantis entry. This looks to still be the plan; however, fewer political operatives are now projected to be in the DeSantis strategy.  Everyone in the race, sans Trump, is only in the race to advance Ron DeSantis.  This is just how the professional GOPe Sea Island assembly and professional donor class roll.
In Republican politics everything is an illusion.  Everything is preordained and the entirety of their effort is about creating the illusion of choice or outcome.  Remember, Republicans care about money; Democrats care about ideology.  Republicans use power to get money; Democrats use money to get power.  This is why the ideology of the Democrats continues forward; they have no ideological opposition.  As long as Republicans are getting paid, “we good” is the mantra.
The billionaire class paying both wings of the UniParty doesn’t care if the presidency is held by Gavin Newsom or Ron DeSantis, as long as the system that affords them the influence and affluence is maintained.  The only thing the billionaire class are against is any entity that would disrupt the system; ergo, Donald Trump is horrible.
In the biggest of big pictures, Ron DeSantis is in the race (paid to play the role) to ensure Donald Trump doesn’t get the nomination and present as the alternative to the UniParty outcome.  It is Trump’s America First economic policies that must be avoided by the insurance policy that DeSantis represents.

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