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Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said in an interview that aired Friday on “Rising” that special counsel Robert Mueller‘s key tactic in the Russia probe has been to use perjury traps on subjects in order to flip them.

“In 55 years of practicing criminal law, I have never heard of a case where somebody was indicted for making a misstatement, then being given an opportunity to correct their misstatement after being shown the evidence, then going back and correcting the misstatement. It’s simply unheard of,” Dershowitz, a frequent defender of President Trumpon legal issues, told Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton.

“It really shows that the Mueller tactic has been to spring perjury traps on people, and to then try to turn them if they can,” he continued.

Dershowitz’s comments came after Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen entered into a plea agreement with Mueller, and pleaded guilty for misstatements he made to Congress while testifying about his contacts with Russians during the 2016 campaign.

Mueller is also investigating Jerome Corsi’s and Roger Stone‘s connection to WikiLeaks’s release of emails belonging to Hillary Clinton‘s former campaign chairman, John Podesta, during the 2016 presidential race.

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