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On Thursday’s “Laura Ingraham Show,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated that Rudy Giuliani’s statement about Stormy Daniels shows why silence is a virtue, but that he believes there is “some overall consistency” to the Trump camp’s story and “the whole Stormy Daniels thing is going to end up being a very small footnote to history.”

Dershowitz said of Giuliani’s statement, “I think it really shows the virtue of silence.” He added that statements like Giuliani’s invite people to parse statements to find contradictions.

He added, “I actually see some overall consistency here. The way I understand what Rudy said, was, look, the president gave this guy a $35,000-a-month retainer. He didn’t earn it. His job was to solve these issues. He had discretion how to do it. He solved the issue by making this payment. The money came out of the retainer that he was paid, the unearned parts of the retainer that he was paid. The president wasn’t told of specific instances of what Cohen had done until he learned about it later. That all is consistent, but it just doesn’t sound consistent when it comes from different sources, each of whom give a little bit of the story.”

Dershowitz later stated Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, “has really made a molehill out of a piece of sand. He has taken an incident — you know, and remember, if it happened, it was a consensual, one-night affair, years and years ago, and a settlement was made. And he’s now at the center of all this. This is so peripheral. The president’s not going to be foolish enough to testify about any possible relationship he had with Stormy Daniels. … So, I think the whole Stormy Daniels thing is going to end up being a very small footnote to history.”

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