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by Simplicius The Thinker

Britain has announced that it will be supplying DU penetrator rods along with its Challenger-2 tanks. As you know, with my analysis, I always strive to uncover the small unspoken things under the hood, the angles that the more ‘mainstream’ narratives fail to see, acknowledge, or understand.

First, a very brief summary of what DU rods are. It’s very simple: tank armor is mostly made of steel. If you shoot an ammo APFSDS (Armor Penetrating Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot) round that is also made out of steel, then you’re basically hitting the enemy tank with a round made of the same density/hardness, which, by way of the eternal Newtonian Laws, would cause the steel round to mushroom and break apart, for the most part, from the much sturdier opposing force of the tank armor.
So militaries began to use Tungsten rounds. Tungsten is much harder/denser than steel, in fact it’s even denser than pure Uranium. However, Tungsten is much more rare and expensive. Depleted Uranium has similar hardness though but is cheaper because it’s literally made from radioactive waste / byproduct from nuclear power plants, which they no longer need. It’s of course mostly denuded of its radioactivity, but a small amount remains.
So Tungsten or Uranium hitting steel armor is a far denser force going against something like a knife through butter. In reality, it’s much more complicated and detail-intensive, as Tungsten in some ways is even superior to DU, but it is much more expensive.
A table like the one below shows that WHA (90% Tungsten alloy) actually penetrates better than DU with certain variables and velocities in place. But the bottom line to understand is that DU penetrates far better than regular steel-tipped rounds, and is much cheaper to make than Tungsten.

British defense ministry has issued a statement, citing ‘independent research from scientists’, that any adverse health effects from DU are minimal: Video.
It’s difficult to fully verify, particularly due to the fact that its so greatly in the U.S. and West’s interests to sweep under the rug and memory hole such research, but the numbers floating around the internet are along these lines:

Study Fallujah, #Iraq 2005 – 2010:
▪️Leukemia increased 38x,
▪️Brain tumors 13x
▪️Lymphoma 10x
▪️Cancer in children 10.5x

This is corroborated by articles from a long time ago, perhaps when it was a little easier to publish ‘inconvenient’ facts, before Big Tech completely fettered the internet with their barbaric ‘WrongThink’ cleansing algorithms. This Guardian article from 2009 for instance, confirms a 15x increase in birth defects in infants.
But there are two ways to think about this. The first is that, the Battles of Fallujah, which are the primary culprits where this DU poisoning took place, were maybe two months long in total, combined. That means, we can consider the fact that in only two months of firing DU in Fallujah, they poisoned the population to such a degree as to affect upwards of 14% of births with defects.
Many or most of us agree that the Ukrainian war will drag on perhaps for several years. So imagine what type of contamination would result from a period of DU usage that is 10x or 20x longer than the Fallujah battles which scoured and poisoned the landscape?
The only check we can put on that thought, is the argument that perhaps the US/UK fired such a vast volume of DU in that short time, owing to the fact that they used far more DU-capable armor, that it would still constitute a greater total DU usage than all of Ukraine could accumulate even over the course of two of three years of fighting. We must remember that the coalition’s DU usage was not limited merely to MBT (Main Battle Tanks) but several other systems, including A-10 Warthogs spraying 30mm DU rounds at ungodly RPM’s into everything in the landscape.
So this argument will hinge on how many total DU-capable systems Ukraine will receive. For now, as I understand it, only the UK with their Challenger tanks has openly offered DU rounds, and currently the pledged supply of those tanks is low.
However, given the far greater intensity of this conflict compared to Iraq, we also know that tanks on the frontline fire exponentially more rounds in general, than any other recent conflict. So there is merit in assuming that perhaps the total accumulation of DU round usage in Ukraine over the course of two, or three, or even more years, could still equal or greatly surpass the usage in the Iraq war. Particularly if 1.) the UK eventually pledges/delivers more Challengers and 2.) if the US and/or other countries likewise join the call and supply DU rounds to the tanks they’re delivering.
On the second point, there was this unconfirmed report/RUMINT:

At the same time, it turns out that the upcoming British delivery will be only a pilot project before the mass deliveries of American 120-mm M829A1 and M829A2 shells, also with a depleted uranium core.

So in short, it is plausible that the Donbass region could face massive contamination, perhaps even eclipsing that of the Chernobyl exclusion zone. And guess what? The AFU commanders would gleefully and gladly help effect such a scenario; they would view irradiating the Donbass, and making the land there uninhabitable, as a delicious ‘just desserts’ against Russia for having ‘taken it’ from them.
As a corollary, one source stated that the US has used 300 tons of depleted Uranium in Iraq. Given that US DOD’s official numbers show that 0.3% of DU is active U, we can do the following basic math. 300 tons converted to pounds is = 660,000lbs. And 0.30% of 660k lbs is 1,980lbs. That means the US dumped almost a full ton (~2000lbs) equivalent of full-on radioactive Uranium on Iraq.

According to the Iraqi government, in 2005 the cancer incidence in the country because of the use of depleted uranium rose from 40 to 1,600 cases per 100,000 people. There has also been a 25% increase in cancer incidence in the countries of the former Yugoslavia.
After the use of depleted uranium shells, large areas of crops on Ukrainian territory will be contaminated, and radioactive substances will be spread through vehicles to the rest of the territory. This would cause enormous economic damage to Ukraine’s agro-industrial complex, bringing down any export of agricultural products from Ukraine.

However, the bigger issue in Uranium is not its radioactivity per se, but rather its ‘chemical toxicity’. It is heavily toxic to the environment, like other ‘heavy metals’ such as mercury, lead, etc., and carcinogenic due to the way its molecules displace vital nutrients in our organs, lymph nodes, etc., causing breakdowns in DNA structure, amongst other things.
And to compound this, Iraq was mostly desert while Ukraine is full of farm fields which will be cultivated, and the food grown there eaten by millions of people which will greatly spread the toxicity and exponentially compound the amount of potential damage to the population.
Several Russian politicians, for their part, have reacted with statements:

Some, like the above, have issued strong threats, while others, like Shoigu at the 0:55 mark of this video, were more mysteriously reserved and diplomatic. For those that can’t access the video, Shoigu demurely replied: “Well, this moves us to serious thoughts about the further course of events and what we can answer.

Russia to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus
The governments of the two countries have agreed to place tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus, Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the Rossiya 24 TV channel.
According to the President, the construction of a storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons will be completed on July 1.
He also noted that such actions do not violate obligations under the START.
The reason for this step was the decision of the UK to supply Ukraine with ammunition with depleted uranium.

In a slightly strange answer, Putin stated that Russia itself has hundreds of thousands of DU shells and can use them in retaliation. This strikes an obvious strange tone, as why would Putin want to poison his own (soon to be) country with DU? The only answer is if the military feels it absolutely necessary from the standpoint of going up against the new Abrams/Leopards/Challengers. They may feel that in order for Russian tankers to stand a chance in penetrating these advanced western tanks, they too will have to utilize DU rounds to even the playing field.
If such a thing were to happen, it only supports my previous presupposition that several years worth of such back and forth DU slinging could catastrophically poison the land even worse than a few mere months of intense DU usage in Iraq.

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