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Well, don’t say we didn’t predict this reality.  The Democrats are smartly not waiting for any recovery efforts by Republicans; and immediately following the failure of President Trump’s healthcare repeal and replacement approach, Senator Bernie Sanders begins putting their ‘single provider’ alternative together.

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The strategy is, unfortunately, brilliant.  When Obamacare further collapses, and all Americans are being further crushed by the skyrocketing costs, at exactly the moment when the American electorate are at their most frustrated and everyone is in crisis mode – whammo, here’s the solution.

All of the previous opposition to single-provider has been kicked out of the Democrat party.  [Blue Dogs Dispatched] The DNC will unify, as one single voting bloc without a single representative in divergence, behind the Sanders proposal.

As ObamaCare explodes, the factional infighting between the purists in Hillary’s Favorite Republican Caucus and various GOPe proposals will continue.  Directly into this void of leadership will flow the single-provider plan, just as the Democrats and the coordinated media messaging tell the American electorate the solution is right there:

“Medicare for all”.

The only thing the voter needs to do is get rid of the intransigent republicans and give them back the house in 2018 and maybe the White House in 2020.   The Democrat call will be for a deafening mandate. Every activist and social justice group will respond to the thunder-drums.

In the unseen background, the activist Labor Unions will go along with the Democrat plan.  So too will Tom Donohue and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (GOPe).

AFSCME, SEIU, AFL-CIO will go along because employer removed health insurance premium costs leave more room for lucrative labor contracts.  Tom Donohue will go along because the cost of Healthcare will remain off the ledgers of multinational Wall Street corporations and global bankers.

The Health Care providers and networks of Big Health Care and Big Pharma will go along, because the Democrat plan will apply the same approach as the Industrial Military Complex to Healthcare.  Expansive crony-healthcare contracts provided at the public coffers, with unlimited taxpayer financing therein.  Everyone can get rich.

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