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by Sundance

There is a disconnect between what the MSM have been saying about the midterm election and the background Democrat party activity in the final days before the midterm election.
While most media watercarriers for Democrats have been claiming the races will be tight, close and control over both the Senate and House are narrow margins, the Democrat party apparatus is sending emergency funds to support deep blue candidates in races where they previously claimed their victory margins were too big to fail.
If the deep blue seats are vulnerable, their seats in districts of marginal support must be considerably more vulnerable.

(Politico) House Democrats’ top super PAC is making a last-minute buy to aid Rep. Joe Morelle, a New York Democrat in a deep-blue seat — the latest sign that the battle for the House is lurching toward the GOP.


Morelle, who was elected in 2018 to replace the late Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter, holds a Rochester-area district that backed President Joe Biden by 20 points in 2020. His Republican opponent, La’Ron Singletary, is a former Rochester police chief who has staked his campaign on rising crime rates in New York. House Majority PAC will go on air this week for Morelle with a $275,000 buy, according to data from the media tracking firm AdImpact.

The incumbent has spent close to $800,000 on TV, while Singletary has spent just $160,000, according to AdImpact. But there has been growing concern from Democratic operatives in recent weeks that blue states, such as Oregon and New York, are racing away from them.
[…] It’s possible the late spending is only out of an abundance of caution — but it’s not a good sign for Democrats with just a week to go until the midterms. At least two other seats Biden carried by 20 points have become problem spots for Democrats. Rep. Julia Brownley (D-Calif.) has begun warning colleagues that her Southern California district could be in trouble.

And Pennsylvania Democrat Summer Lee went on TV with an ad last week, warning voters not to be confused by the fact that her Republican opponent has the same name as retiring Democratic Rep. Mike Doyle. (read more

The upcoming midterm election next week poses a seriously interesting dynamic, when contrast against the claimed ballot outcomes of 2020.
In a general sense, the far-left (totalitarian big government socialists and democrat communists) has always appeared to hold approximately 15% support from the general electorate.  This baseline puts roughly 85% of the U.S. population suffering through the consequences of an ideological minority in control of policy.
Additionally, there is a direct correlation between the genuine size of the group in power and the extreme use of control over the rest of the population.
The smaller the group in power, the more severe their ideological policy.  As a direct result that group needs to trigger the most severe control mechanisms within their authority – like using federal police, nationalized military, national security state systems, FBI activation, domestic surveillance, legal threats, social intimidation, etc.
The need for control, is a reaction to fear.  You can always gauge the scale of general public support for those in power by the way those in power behave in real life.  While this baseline is generally uncomfortable for the minority group to accept, this reality is a historic and empirical truth.  Less public support for government = the need for more government control systems.
The 2020 election was an inflection point for the small ideological group currently in power within the United States Government.
The dynamic of “fear” is the most often deployed weapon whenever this historic dynamic surfaces.  However, when the larger population of people stop responding to fear tactics and begin to mock those who are threatening to harm them, things generally change quickly.
The length of time it takes a population to stop being fearful is the exact amount of time those in power have as ruling elite.  Once fear is removed from the equation, the ruling elite dissolve very quickly and try to fit into the crowd.
We are supposed to believe that 85 million people voted for Joe Biden in 2020.  This did not happen.  There is a big difference between 85 million people voting, and 85 million ballots being collected.

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