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by Ace

Before getting to that, let me quote this thread from Jesse Kelly.

The Right must make a significant changed with how it conducts itself when a story breaks going forward. Time and time again 99% of the pundits and politicians on the Right push the Left’s false narrative in the beginning only to find out it was false and now being weaponized.


Right: “Ok. Guess we should shut it down for a couple weeks.”

[a year later]

“WHOA! This is being used against us!”


Right: “I guess cops are hunting down black men. We need federal police reform.”

[cities in smoldering ruin]

“WHOA! This is being used against us!”


Right: “I’m horrified by this violent insurrection coup!”

[government gears up to put you on a terrorist watch list]

“WHOA! This is being used against us!”

Time and time and time again. The System does NOT care about any issue that arises. The System will use whatever issue arises to advance themselves and crush the Right. That is their only objective. So, please, for the love of everything holy, STOP FALLING FOR IT.

There’s gonna be another issue. I don’t know what it is. When it comes the entire System will DEMAND that you think a certain way about it. Resist. Wait for facts to come out. Assume everything they’re saying is a lie.

Cause it always is.

That’s all.

Just a couple of points.

First of all, this constant pushing of Viral Twitter Moral Panics by the left — amplified by the Twitter-Fabulous of the Pseudoright — is one of the main reasons I stopped reading twitter entirely.

If you noticed I stopped following you in 2015-2016, it was probably because you joined in one too many Viral Twitter Moral Panics.

I would point out that only the dishonest attempt to panic other people into making decisions. If you’re an honest person, and you have truth on your side, you do not need to panic anyone into making a rushed decision. You can be confident that the facts and truth will out, so you can give people time and space to weigh things for themselves.

But those pushing these Viral Twitter Moral Panics — and again, I must stress, my primary intersection with these Moral Panics was via the Twitter-Fabulous people of the Pseudoright, not the left itself — want to push people to make choices and decisions NOW, without having the full facts and without having the time to sift and weight these facts. And to determine which of these facts are really facts.

It’s easy to lead panicked people. In a fire in a building, it’s dark as hell. The smoke eats all light. Panicking people looking for a way out will listen to anyone who says “Come this way!”

But what if the people yelling “Come this way!” intend to mislead people, and lead them into blind corridors? What if the people yelling “Come this way!” are in fact the very arsonists who started the fire?

I got very tired of the Twitter-Fabulous of the Pseudoright starting a fire every fucking morning and then yelling “Come with me, I know the way out, be sure to retweet and hit Like!”

John Ekdahl noted, some time back: Did you every notice that once per week, sometimes twice per week, there is a shrieking inferno of Twitter outrage, something which will scar America for all time, and which will change everything?

He asked: Can you remember the panic that hit two weeks ago? Last week?

Can you even remember the panic that would supposedly change everything just before the latest one?

If you can’t — and of course you can’t — what can we say about these supposed Panics of Great National Concern?

Never let a crisis go to waste, Rahm Emmanuel said.

What he didn’t say, but which he obviously intended, was: “And be sure to create pseudo-crises once or twice per week, and exploit them ruthlessly.”

That leads me into a final point about the Twitter-Fabulous of the Pseudoright: I used to just think these people were stupid, falling, as they did, for every made-up leftist moral panic.

They’d later find out it was all made-up, but that would not change their behavior one bit pushing the next ginned-up panic their leftwing allies told them to amplify.

I can no longer credit these people as stupid. I do believe they’re stupid, but I can’t believe that they keep “falling for” this same trick the fiftieth time it’s played on them.

Yes, they are stupid, but no, they are not ignorant of the left’s game of constantly pushing the public into adopting leftwing political positions based on an invented moral panic — nor are they ignorant of their own central, indispensable part in making these panics go viral.

The Twitter-Fabulous of the Pseudoright may be dull-minded drulls, but they can’t have failed to comprehend that they had an important role in the Twitter Viral Panic spreading machinery: They are the vectors of the virus of panic to the right. They take the virus from the left, and inject it into the right.

The left and right being increasingly isolated sub-populations, the importance of the Twitter-Fabulous of the Pseudoright in taking the virus from the left and infecting the right with it cannot be understated.

And they must realize this.

And I think they enjoy it. I think that knowing they are important Message Repeaters for their leftwing allies makes them feel Important, Special, and Emotionally Validated as people who just aren’t wasting their lives on Twitter, but as people who are Shaping Public Opinion. (In favor of the left, of course.)

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